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    FS: New mounted seat covers

    SOLD!Brand new mounted leather-like seat covers (covers and foam), bought new for my '85, but no longer needed. Fits 84-90 models. Retail for these run around $790 plus shipping from Ecklers, etc. but I'll sell them for $650 shipped.
  2. AdvancedAutoCC

    Congrats to tls630 on TOP FLIGHT!

    TLS, Advanced Automotive congratulates you on receiving NCRS Top Flight! Excellent job and good luck at the NCRS National meet in 2007... For CACers, here are a couple of pics of this gorgeous C4 'vert (the nicest one I've seen in years). We've got a couple of minor issues to resolve...
  3. AdvancedAutoCC

    C5 Magnaflow Sale!

    Pre Holiday sale on Magnaflow Exhaust! 15763 00-04 5.7L V8, LS-1, LS-6, Magnapack System w/ Tru-X, rear exit, 4x18" p-SS resonators, 2.5" SS tubing, 4" rolled/slash/p-SS tips MSRP $698.61 Our Price $535.00 -------------------- 15713 97-04 5.7L V8, LS-1, LS-6, Axle-Back Only, rear exit...
  4. AdvancedAutoCC

    C6 Magnaflow Sale!

    Pre Holiday Sale Special on Magnaflow exhaust systems for C6! 16670 06-07 ZO6 New! Now Available for the ULTIMATE Corvette! 7.0L V-8 LS-7 Z06, 3" with Tru-X (aggressive note), Dual Rear Exit MSRP $1436.59 Our price $1099.00 ------------- 15884 05-06 6.0L V-8, LS-2, Complete System w/...
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    C2 nose bra - New in Box!

    New in box C2 nose bra, normal price (from Ecklers) is $90.00 $45 shipped..
  6. AdvancedAutoCC

    1.6 Roller Rockers

    CAC Special going on now! click below http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?p=729009#post729009 Thanks again to CAC...you guys are the best!
  7. AdvancedAutoCC

    MSD OptiSparks IN STOCK

    Early and late both now in stock! click the link for details http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?p=719846#post719846 Thanks for your support!
  8. AdvancedAutoCC

    SLP runner special

    Special pricing for CAC members only.... details in this thread: http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=83471 Thanks for your support!
  9. AdvancedAutoCC

    LT1 timing chain sets - Forum Super Special

    ALL DONE... Early LT1 Cloyes timing chain sets forum only special... see below: http://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?p=705551#post705551 Thanks to all who support us!
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    C1 paint question

    I've got a '54 in the shop (long term project), and I had a question on the finish. On the tops of the fenders and in a few other areas, you can see what looks like the matting pattern of the fiberglass. It's faint, but definitely noticable if you look at it... is this considered normal? The...
  11. AdvancedAutoCC

    Car show 1-21

    To any CAC'ers in SW Florida... This Saturday, there's a car show at Jaycee Park in the city of Cape Coral, starting at 12 noon. I'll have a booth set up, so stop in and introduce yourself, or just say "Hi". I hang out primarily in the C4 section, but didn't want to leave out you C6 guys...
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    Show this weekend 1-21

    To any CAC'ers in the SW Florida area... If you haven't heard, there's a show this Saturday (the 21st) at Jaycee Park in Cape Coral, starting at 12 noon. I'll have a booth set up, so stop on by and introduce yourself!
  13. AdvancedAutoCC

    Black Light update - body/paint

    Hey CAC'ers... As some of you know, our shop car at Advanced needs a lot of work, from body to interior...The decision was made to attack the body and paint work at this stage of the game. The before pics are on my site under the "Black Light" page. A little background for those of you who...
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    WTB - Door latch assembly

    Hey guys, I've got a '63 in the shop that needs a driver's side door latch assembly. So far, from everywhere I've looked these are made of "unobtainium", but I've got hope held out that a CAC'er may have a good used piece. Concours correct is not necessary, just a piece that will allow opening...
  15. AdvancedAutoCC

    '66 vert question

    Hey guys... I've got a 66 convertible in the shop and I've got a question for the midyear experts. On the doors and in the doorjambs there are holes for what I assume to be door guides similar to the guides on C4s. There are three holes on the door, one of which is also for the weatherstrip...
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