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    2003 C5 Air Box Cover

    If anyone is looking for a practically brand new air filter housing cover, this is it. It's off a 2003 with about 100 miles on it. This was replaced by a Z06 housing cover. One could probably drill several holes and it would flow much more air. Make me an offer with shipping.
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    F/S 2003 Corvette Manual Shifter complete

    Trying to clean up and make some room in the garage. I replaced the original 6 speed shifter with the C6 Z06 shifter when the vette had about 1,000 miles on it. The shifter looks mint and is complete with demon key. The shifter boot is not included. $75.00 or b/o shipped anywhere in the...
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    Coolant Recommendations

    I'm sure the subject of Dex-Cool coolant has come up a zillion times, but my search revealed very little. My 2003 Coupe still has the original Dex-Cool coolant with only 6000 miles. (garage queen) Is Dex-Cool still the only coolant to use as per the manual, or should I convert to the standard...
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    Shifter, Air cleaner cover etc.

    Cleaning out some extra parts from my 2003 C5 Coupe. The shifter handle only, shifter knob, demon key and shift pattern cover used for approx. 1600 miles. The original air cleaner cover. PM me with your best offer including shipping.
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    HID Lighting Upgrade

    I've been looking to do the HID lighting upgrade. Has anyone bought the kit from fleabay's two main vendors? The more expensive claims the ballast is made in Germany. Does it matter where it's made? If you look at the Toshiba HIR lamps, they sound pretty good to. What are your thoughts.
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    F/S: Toshiba HIR 9011 high beam lamps

    I'm importing an additional quantity of original Toshiba HIR 9011 (HIR1) high beam lamps (65W). These are typically used in the low beam housings for higher light output. They will have a price of $23.00 each. If you do a search on a popular auction site, you'll be able to read about the...
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    C5 Embroidery

    I remember a posting about someone who did C5 Corvette custom embroidery on the back of jackets. Does anyone have this information? I'm looking to have one of my jackets done.
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    Magnuson Supercharger

    I prefer the idea of installing the Magnuson supercharger over all others. But I want to keep the stock hood without any changes to it. Can the Magnuson be machined to fit under the stock hood?
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    CCW Wheels

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    Donaldson Air Filter

    My 2003 6 Speed has just had its first oil change, nows the time to start the mods. Is this the best filter and the best bang for the buck? What power increase can I expect?
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    Column Lock Bypass on "03 cpe

    I have 2 questions concerning the column lock situation. 1. Has anyone heard of the column locking up on a six speed "03 coupe? 2. Will a column bypass kit labeled for application on '97-01 work on a '03? I have an six speed '03 coupe and am preparing for the steering to lock up someday.
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    Diagnostic Scanners

    I'm interested in purchasing the new AutoXray 6000 scanner. Anyone know who has the best price?
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    Painted Calipers

    I'm interested in painting my calipers red. ( like the Z06 ) Can I use Rust-o-leum ( sunset red ) or Krylon ( Banner Red )? What about the heat generated, will it discolor the paint? Any experiences or advice appreciated.
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    Hood Liner - By Paula

    I've seen some pictures of hood liners Painted by 'Paula'. There beautiful. Does anyone know how to contact her? Does she need your existing liner or does she supply a new one?
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    Finally In The Garage

    Just picked up my 2003 Torch Red coupe. I've finally realized my dream of so many years. Came home from work today and opened the garage and WOW. I still can't believe it's mine. I'm trying to decide on what wax to use and what viscosity oil to use 5w-30 or 10w-30 Mobil One. Wanted to...
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