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    A8 Trans New SB Dated March 2019?

    Took my 2016 Z51 in today for third time. First time they did not have the fluid and ordered it. 2nd time the fluid was mistakenly not ordered. Today I take it in at 8 am and just got a call that it was ready 1210 pm. I made the comment that it was fast and he indicated they did not need to drop...
  2. AMMO

    Wanted WTB C7 Targa Top

    I joined the Flying Roof club and now need a new top for my C7. Would love to find a used Long Beach Red one but any color would work.
  3. AMMO

    06 C6

    Joind the vette club in Jan 06 with the purchase of our 2006 C6, monty red MN6.
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