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    Whistling Noise

    Hey guys, The car just started making a whistling noise at around 1500 - 2000 rpms. This is only when the car is moving. If it is in neutral and you try and put it under a load you might hear it slightly but not as loud. I thought it might have been a pulley so i took it to my mechanic. They...
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    Steering Wheel Shakes

    So the steering wheel has been shaking for a while now. I guess the construction last summer did a number on my alignment. I got an alignment done and a balance on the front two wheels. My back tires are smoked so i didnt bother with those. The steering wheel still shakes on the highway around...
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    Ford CEO to work for 1 Dollar

    Alan Mullaly will be working for 1 dollar if Ford is to take any bailout money. This is a very smart move and I think this is the kind of move that all the CEO's of the big three need to be making. they need to prove to America and to congress that the big 3 are ready to change and that they...
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    Windshield Wipers

    Ok Well i washed my car and as usual my wipers started going nuts. They will come up and go down constantly but they never actually go all the way up...Now they just stopped working all together. The car has 39000 miles on it. For some reason every GM car i own has a windshield wiper problem and...
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    18 Inches on front

    will 18 inch wheels fit on the front of my car without spacers or anything? Sorry for all these annoying tire questions.
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    Z06 Wheels With Stock Tires.

    Will my stock size rear tires fit on Z06 wheels???
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    Paint Hood and Nose

    Anyone know how much it is to get my Nose and Hood painted. Its a black 97. Have some rock pits etc... Its not too bad but i cant stand it not being perfect..
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    Clutch Messed Up!

    Ok so im going down the street and pull up to this kid who i wanna race. I put in the clutch and give him a rev. Light turns green i floor it. the car is barely moving and i look down at the tach im bouncing off the limiter. I shift when i see this right away. Now all i can smell is clutch. The...
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    Corvette Rear Decal For Trade.

    I have a the corvette rear decal and im looking to trade it for the airbag decal. Drop me a PM -Andy
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    Gas Gauge Problems

    Well this has happened to me twice. Today and 2 weeks ago. I get on the highway and im driving for a while and i go over a slight hill on the highway. Both times i had 3/4 a tank of gas. The guage goes right down to E and the Low fuel and Check Gages Light comes on and stays on. Then about 45...
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    Shocks Inoperative, Service Ride Control...

    Started up my car after getting back from work in my camaro. Got the messages Shocks Inoperative, Sevice Ride Control, Service Vehicle Soon. I was like SH!T. Turned the car off and started it back up again, no problems have been driving it since with no issues. This happened last night. Any...
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    All 1997 Owners

    Need a quick favor. Go out and turn on your parking lights and see if the lights flip up. Mine flip up and my dealer told me this is normal but i dont believe it is. Just wanted to make sure i was correct on this. Thanks guys! -Andy
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    Dealer Time..

    Ok sending my vette into the dealer (Best Chevrolet in Hingham Mass) Im getting the steering recall done getting my parking lights fixed so they dont pop up when i turn them on and im also getting the stripped sunvisor screw fixed. Im guessing 150 - 200 for the price... Lets hear some guesses...
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    Anyone not like the C6

    I can honestly say i really dont like the look of the C6. The fixed headlamps dont look great, The license plate thing is awful, The passenger side of the interior looks like a C5 that just got pushed in flat. The back even looks a bit tacky. The only thing i like are the side views and the new...
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    WTB SLP Loudmouth Exhaust

    Saw this for sale somewhere else but unfortunately im not a member. Im int he process of joining but i figured id check and see if anyone had it for sale here. If you have it let me know! Thanks, -Andy
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