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  • Cool. Been tied up getting the vette straightened out. They ended up supposedly putting 1200 in tires on the rear. The parking break sat on hold until last Friday. That inch or two of snow we had last week made it where the guy they were getting the parts from didn't deliver until Thursday. I was suppose to be in there 12:30 to get the break fixed but got done at work early and was there at 10. My wife had gone to a friends so I when walking around the lot looking. I probably should have sat in the waiting room drinking coffee. At the end of the day I had traded in one of my Harleys and my wife's truck and bought here a 2015 1500 Denali. She doesn't seem to be so upset about me buying a vette to drive back and forth to work now.;LOL
    I've lived on Craigslist for the last month.:rotfl
    If this weather will ever let up so I can make it to Dallas, I closed a deal on a red LT4 car last night. Just gotta go get it. 94k miles, it's sweet....Has some suspension modes, GS wheels, and black ralley stripes.
    Some I saw on Craigslist today while sitting around bored watching the ice melt. I like the 80 and 82. All look good though.

    1980 Chevrolet Corvette

    1982 Corvette for Sale

    1987 Corvette
    My inlaws live in Mountain View. Pretty familliar with running the roads in there on a bike. I actually lived there for 3 1/2 years.
    Well, you definitely got a beauty. I'm hoping that I've found one to purchase within the next week if this stupid weather let's up. When I get mine we will have to meet up and find some twisties to enjoy....maybe a lunch run to somewhere like mountain view. ...
    The nagotiating that took place on the car wasn't over the price. We were fighting with the young saleman who wasn't listening to what my wife was telling him about how the financing was going to go. I make the money she manages it. I'm thinking the way things turned out he wishes he had listened a little better. That's the part I managed. His mistakes cost Crain from making any money on that car. They probably lost on it or had a good floater on the one it was traded in on.

    I'm Looking forward to Tuesday. We go to Conway Tuesdays for lunch with one of our vendors. The e brake system is coming in Monday and getting installed. I will pick it up on the way to lunch. I will ride down there with my boss. Then eat lunch and enjoy the drive back to Damascus.
    10998. In the long run it came with about 2k of fixes I would have had to pay for. It is a pretty thing though.
    Congratulations my friend. You narrowly got that sweetheart. ..i went to look at it Tuesday but went to the wrong store. Lol. If I could ask what did you get it for? Bob
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