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    Help! MAF sensor has me stumped

    Hi guys, I have been fighting with my MAF sensor. I have replaced it with many sensors they all fail the same way. The car starts and sounds great. Touch the throttle and instantly dies. I have changed everything in the circuit I can think of. When the sensor is disconnected car runs like...
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    knock sensor error

    Hi Guys, Been a while since I posted. I have a 2001 convertible that has an LS1 out of a 1998 vette (Lambo sales guy thought he was cool wrecking the original engine). The engine runs great no complaints save one. I keep getting a knock sensor error its easy to clear out and once cleared...
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    Question: shocks

    HI Everyone, I have a 2003 50th anniversary with the magnetic ride control for the shocks. They are blown out :happyanim: and I want to replace them. I have absolutely NO interest in putting $2500 into shocks. What solutions has everyone found on replacing shocks and getting rid of the...
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    looking for seat hardware

    Hi guys, I noticed the other day that my drivers seat wasnt working right so of course I had to tear it apart. I have found the broken part but I cant find a replacement. One of the little potmetal brackets that swivels as the seat is adjusted up and down or tilted is broken. if anyone has a...
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    dash lights

    Hi Guys, I just had to tear into my dash (seems that the heater squirrel cage is a really good mousetrap). I had some lights bulbs that were out so I decided to replace them since the dash is out of the car. Does anyone have a line on where to get the light bulbs that go behind the selector...
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    Help! blinker problem

    Hi Guys, My 2000 has a problem when it is cold and I use the blinker I get a buzzing sound out of the hazard switch. After I hit the hazard switch several times it stops. Does anyone have any suggestions on how stop this? Thanks,
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    digital display

    I was in this website some time ago and saw how someone converted thier digital display to an analog display with gauges. Does anyone know or remember who did that and where they posted the how to on it? I would like to try it on my 84
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    still looking

    Does anyone know anything about how the cable is retained on the e-brake for an 84. It has that goofy rotor/drum combination thing. I'm sure there must be a retainer on the cable but I dont have one and I dont even know what they look like.
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    new top

    I just got my new top from astro tops. Boy that thing is nice. Fit right up and at $450 bucks the right price.
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    seats and brakes

    Hi everyone, I am looking for new seat covers. Where can I find good pricing on new seat covers for my 84 (vinyl would be fine I just need to get these covered before the foam goes bad. Second question the cable for my E-brake keeps falling off the right wheel. Is there a retainer that I am...
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    Broken Window Rack

    I broke the rack that drives my passenger winow up and down this weekend. Anyone got any suggestions on where to get a new one and how much?
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    interior packages

    Hi everyone I have an 84 that has aged carpeting and seats I saw that Ecklers has some kits in thier catalog but It would sure be nice to get it a little cheaper than Ecklers. Anyone got any suggestions? Billl
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    Engine timing

    Hi everyone, I was just fiddling with my 84 and this question came up. Do I need to advance the timing on an 84 for altitude or does the computer handle altitude changes. Since I'm at 5000 ft normally I would expect to see about 10 degrees difference from normal timing setting.
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    head removal

    Hi everyone, I have an 84 and am trying to remove one of the heads. I have removed all the bolts and boy is that sucker stuck. Anyone have any suggestions (ie tricks) to remove this guy. Bill
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    front speakers

    I have been trying to change the front speakers in my 84 and I'm not having much luck. It's not a bose system. What's the best way to remove the old speakers?
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