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  • No, I will not be there. As you know , Suzy and I aren't together anymore. John and Linda took up with Suzy and they are coming, it would be awkward as hell for me to show up and try to smile for the camera.... I have the Corvettes but she seems to have my friends ... Have fun
    Hello this is M & M Plett. We met on saturday at the corvette show. We are from Bartlesville with a blue Z06. Just wanted tot ouchbase with you and say if was very nice to meet you and will be looking for you at future shows.
    Michael maplett
    Maybe a little early but who may be going east to hook up in st. louis to travel to effingham for fest............................................billy

    Linda is starting to get around pretty well on her crutches. The doctor says the bones are still in position and that we should see signs of healing in the next X-ray on Oct 15. He says she can expect to stay in the current cast for another 8 weeks then move on to a couple of weeks in a removable cast and finally a couple of weeks in a walking cast. In other words, we've got a long way to go.

    Regards, John G.
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