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  1. black96lt4c4

    im new,anyone have 1/8 times?

    hello, im new here and im about to run my car at the local track called ohio valley here in louisville,ky.i have exotic muscle long tube headers,exotic muscle extensions in place of converters,flowmaster catback kit, and ive replaced the 50 series mufflers with super 40's.i also have asr wheels...
  2. black96lt4c4

    new from ky.

    hello, im jr. from louisville,ky.i just found this website yesterday looking up lt4 stuff on google.i have several cars including a black lt4 that is my favorite of all.i work for the uaw-united auto workers-and i used to live in dallas,tx.i worked on cars in tx. for aliving,and now i build...
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