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    Tires for a 2017 GrandSport

    These are the current rims. No plan to change them now.
  2. Bob Chadwick

    New Member - Atlanta, GA area

    Welcome from your neighbor in Peachtree Corners.
  3. Bob Chadwick

    Tires for a 2017 GrandSport

    Thanks for the input. They are also about $100 a tire cheaper.
  4. Bob Chadwick

    Tires for a 2017 GrandSport

    I'll look into them. Thanks.
  5. Bob Chadwick

    Tires for a 2017 GrandSport

    It's time for new tires. I'm inclined to go with the Pilot Super Sports that came from the factory. The only issue I had with them is that they were Summer tires and you miss a lot of beautiful sunny but cold driving days in Georgia. Definitely going with run flats. Anybody have. any other...
  6. Bob Chadwick

    Jim Mero Magnetic Ride Control Upgrades

    This guy's ads and the associated testimonials are starting to show up on social media. Jim Mero Vehicle Dynamics LLC | MRC Shock Calibration Upgrades For C6 Corvette, Z06 & ZR1 Anybody heard of him and any truth to his claims?
  7. Bob Chadwick

    GM faces possible class action lawsuit over 8-speed transmission

    2015 - 19 Corvettes are involved. Lawsuit seeks class action against GM over faulty transmissions - Autoblog
  8. Bob Chadwick

    Mid-engine 2020 Chevy Corvette prototypes flying at the Nurburgring

    More pictures including couple with the car getting some air. Mid-engine Chevy Corvette spy shots at the Nurburgring - Autoblog
  9. Bob Chadwick

    Modernizing C3 Gauges

    An interesting article for Super Chevy on modernizing the C# gauges. Modernizing C3 Corvette Gauges
  10. Bob Chadwick

    2006 Automatic 3LT Convertible

    I am the second owner of this 2006 Velocity Yellow convertible with a black interior and black top. I bought it with just over 19,000 miles on it and it now has just over 42,600 (and increasing slightly as we are still driving it). In addition to the standard feature that come with the 3LT...
  11. Bob Chadwick

    Assitance With Pricing a New Grand Sport

    We looked at an Arctic White 3LT GS Convertible this afternoon. MSRP is $86,570 and they are offering to take $8,000 off for a price of $78,750. I put together a cost sheet at Edmunds and it appears that this slightly below their cost of just over $80,000, not taking into consideration...
  12. Bob Chadwick

    Replacing Battery

    Everything has gotten so complicated. I have a 2006 convertible and am replacing the battery. I get the old battery out of the car with no problems. I pull the new battery out of the car and notice a little plastic bag on the side of it. I pull it off and read all about the wonderful world...
  13. Bob Chadwick

    Class Action Against GM

    Over the 7-liter V-8 powered, 2006-2014 Chevrolet Corvettes claiming those models have excessive valve guide wear that leads to engine failures. Corvette 427, Z06 Owners File For Class Action Against GM
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    Nice Work C4C5Specialist

  15. Bob Chadwick

    Replacing the Ignition Switch

    Mine has developed a crack down the center. I have the new switch and am looking for some guidance on how to remove and replace it. Has anyone done this? Bob
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