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    Video: Finally made a decision on the red stripe

    Here's the outcome. Did the 2017 Z06 Corvette get Striped? - YouTube Bob
  2. Bob MacCready

    Question: Should I put a red stripe on my white Z06?

    No clear answer. What do you think? Bob Should I put a Red Stripe on the 2017 Z06 Corvette? - YouTube
  3. Bob MacCready

    Video: Launch Control Advanced Edition

    Here is part 2 of Launch Control. Additional setting you can use and the video shows both in car and outside the car footage. Bob
  4. Bob MacCready

    Video: Demo of Launch Control with my 2017 Z06

    This is a YouTube video I did to show how Launch Control works. Used 2 cameras so you could see what it looks like inside the car and outside the car on the same launch. You will see a bit of tire slippage but that was me not being aggressive enough with my left foot on the brake(yes it's an...
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