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    Windshield polished? Fine scratches from wipers

    I've had great luck with Zaino's glass polish: https://www.zainostore.com/product/Z-12.html You should use a buffer wheel like this one...
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    The CATS are gone

    All, Happy New year. I have been struggling with my 87 coupe for years, and thinking it was just me not knowing how to drive a performance vehicle. It was hell for me to pull away from a light. Either I'd have to rev her up and slip the clutch to take off, or it would stall out. The rev up...
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    shifting speed for 4+3 Tranny

    Good morning all I have an 87 Vette coupe, 4+3 tranny. I have been driving her daily since my other day car is out of commission. Now my dilmena is this. When I shift thru the gears and go into 4th Overdrive. I need to be over 56mph or it bucks and moans like I was trying to take off from a...
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    87 running very bad

    Hi all. I had to take the '87 on Tuesday to a funeral, and it rained and snowed and froze. It was a very slow drive for 3 1l2 hours at about 40mph tops due to the weather. The ride home was much better at 75+ though. She ran well in both directions, except I noticed a bit of bucking in 7th (4+3)...
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    HEI distributor testing

    Greetings all. I have a 1974 coupe. The engine was replaced with a 1972 400Cid, and the Tranny is Auto. I bought her as a basket case that "had run", so know she is my challenge. So far I have replace the fuel pump and the fusilbe link. Now I have fuel and power to the starter. The distributor...
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    New 74

    Greetings, I have just bought a 74 coupe, Automatic, with '72 400cid. Its a fixer-upper. But at least I have a mission for Carlisle this year. I am looking for the VIN plate and have not found it yet. Does anyone have any clues? or is it to early for VIN's. Also, I will be doing a full...
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    Throttle Cable Mystery

    I changed the throttle cable on my 1987 coupe. It was not to difficult and acceration is now wondeful. My question is this. When I removed the old cable through the firewall, there is one stud that comes into the passenger compartment, attached to the mounting plate. I removed the nut like a...
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    constant oil pressure

    I have noticed that the oil pressure on my '87 is constantly at 80psi. (digital dashboard display) While I should be happy, I have some serious doubts this is the real OP. Has anyone seen this situation before and whats the likely culprit. Otherwise the car runs great. No noise and normal oil...
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    MD Vette owners

    I was un-happily stuck in the 301 baybridge traffic on Sunday. As the traffic neared the bridge there were 3 troopers sitting and obviously not making any money on speeding tickets. As I went past one, I noticed he stopped the car behind me and got in behind me. At 5mph I was not too worried...
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    I had asked for some help with looking for a 88-96 Vette, and I would like to thank the guys that answered me. I am now the proud owner of 1987 coupe. I pick it up on Monday so this will be one Monday that I will be looking for! I'm sure to be asking for your help as the mysteries unfold. Bob MO
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    88-96 Vette

    I am looking to buy my first Vette. I am 54, and I deserve it! So I need some help from you guys to know what are the typical problems and what I should be looking hard at before I buy. I am looking at the 88-96 years primarily, and plan to be using it a lot for highway travel (MD to NJ), so...
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