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    Console Cover - New, Torch Red

    '90 - '96 Console cover in torch red with corvette emblem. New, never installed. Comes with Mid America mounting kit ready to install. Extra dense form and all leather. $50 shipped from Memphis. Call or text me at 901-233-9260.
  2. Boeingdriver

    Torch Red Cargo Mat (New)

    Selling a new C5 cargo mat in torch red for the coupe. Lloyd's premium mat with the Corvette C5 logo in center. New $129, selling for $95 plus shipping from Memphis. PM or text me at 901-233-9260.
  3. Boeingdriver

    Grand Sport NCM C5/C6 Bash 2010 Grand Sport Pictures

    Thanks for the photos.... Dwayne......yeah, what they said. Very nice. I tried to get up there but was waylayed by work on Friday and Sat. How was the crowd overall (numbers)? Check your PM please.
  4. Boeingdriver

    '96 LT1 Coupe sells for $5,100....

    .....the Saturday classified ad read this way: '96 Corvette Coupe. Excellent condition. Been sitting up. Green with beige interior. Call XXX-XXX. So I called at 9:30 on Saturday morning. The owner was a nice guy. Said that he'd had the car since new, his wife had been driving it for a...
  5. Boeingdriver

    Service Engine light reset?

    My first oil change on my LT4 is complete but I don't know the sequence to reset the dash light. Can anyone walk me through it? Thanks.
  6. Boeingdriver

    WTB '96 Service Manual set

    I'm looking for a set of the GM Service Manuals for '96 covering LT4. Please reply here, or to SCMedtest@aol.com. Thanks.
  7. Boeingdriver

    Wheel cleaning on the inside...

    Can anyone advise me on cleaning/polishing the inside of my OE sawblades? Here's the situation. My very clean OE sawblades ('96 LT4 coupe w/ 29 k miles) have tarnish and minor pits on the inside surfaces. I took them to a high-pressure car wash using wheel cleaner and got them very clean, but...
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