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    Alternator bracket

    Hi I was wondering if any one could tell me where I can find a Alternator mounting bracket for a 1965 corvette with a 350 hp 327 , 2 1/2 exhaust right side, 4 1/2 " center to center on the mounting bolts. Thanks Bud
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    456 Dana Question

    I put a rear end in my 63 vette. Its a 456 ratio Dana, But the one I pulled out was a spicer with a 336 ratio. Was the Dana sapose to be a heave duty, The Dana has ID CF 3663 stamped on it Thanks Bud
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    serial number location

    I would like to know the location of the serial numbers on the frame of a early 1963 corvette. I have the body off the frame, but cant locate them. Thanks before hand. bud
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