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    Question: 1984 Weather stripping and door panel insulation

    The Targa top rear mounting body hardware is on the way. My next project is the weather stripping. I've looked on the internet along with a few other sources including this forum for information and it seems the more info I find the more confused I get :ugh. Its a 1984 and as noted above I'm...
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    1984 What else should I replace

    I'm getting ready to order new removable top rear locator brackets for both sides. I'm also going to order a few extra rear attaching bolts. Is there anything else that would be suggested or make sense to replace while I'm doing this project ? Maybe the rear locators themselves !! The weather...
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    Targa top help 1984 Corvette

    I've had this 1984 Corvette for 8 years now. When I first purchased it, it had a few issues that I corrected the first year I had it. I removed the illuminated dash and replaced all the bulbs and cleaned the contacts. It also had a very bad hesitation when at a full stop then acceleration...
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    Stripped threads on Targa Top

    This is my first corvette and it runs great. The one problem is the rear passenger side of the Targa top. The threads are stripped. Can this be replaced and if not is it best to tap it or use a helicoil to fix it. Thanks for any info
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