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  • Hey John!
    I'm sorry... I never got an email notification of this and only just now found this message! My ex boyfriend painted it for me along with my help. So he doesn't do it regularly and I don't think he is good enough to paint another. I do, however, know another corvette guy here in Tucson that only works on Corvettes. Email me at drdawnhill@gmail.com and if you haven't found anyone else I can send you his info!
    Hi Dawn:

    Evolution1980 suggested contacting you. I recently (last month) picked up a '81 that I found advertised on craigslist on Dove Mountain. I have a bunch of work to do on it, but it runs well. I saw that you recently painted it. I need to paint mine, as well.

    It's midnight blue right now, and I would either keep it that or go to the stock charcoal gray color.

    Where did you get your car painted? How much is a reasonable price?

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