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    Question: we are talking some serious repair dollars here

    The ABS and Active Handling lights came on about a month ago. This is a 2003 vert with 47,000 miles, given great care since new by both owners. The dealer took a look and for a repair with Electric Brake Control Module $5000. So I read a lot on the CAC forums and found a recommended Vette...
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    News: saw a Vette in a commercial

    It wasn't a GM commercial but a rental car company. WOW it looks great. Now what if people see this and think I should go out and get one of those fine looking cars. They will be all over the street like that Ford pony thing. Our arms will be sore from waving. Really loved seeing it and it is...
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    Help! Windshield replacemant

    Got a nasty hole in the windshield from a thrown rock. State Farm only wants to pay for after market replacement. Will cost approx $400 out of pocket to get OEM. This is a 03 vert with Head Up display. Glass installer says all windshields are regulated and the same quality. Are there any...
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    Help! having trouble responding to a private message

    I found and read the private message and get to the page to respond but am unable to navigate the page to respond. Thanks for any help cje
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    Help! Going to Florida for Winter

    Did you ever drive your Vette on an interstate for 16 hours with big trucks, rocks and shredded tires? Did you ever stop at an exit motel and leave "Baby" in the parking lot all alone all night? Did you ever put your Vette on a truck with a total stranger for pick up and delivery? Did you ever...
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    Help! music issue in my 2003 vert

    The CD player is not working in the original Delco radio. I do not want a new radio. So I ordered the adapter cable from Double D Mods. Arrived 2 days ago. Have talked to several local installers. Today was told it would not work with my I Pod Shuffle so OK how about an adapter. Dennis at Double...
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    found a 2003 convertible about 1 month ago. Love it.

    This is my 2nd Corvette, drove the new 76 daily and sold in 1991. Found this one at a dealer, one owner with 33,000 miles and in great condition. The original owner traded for a new one I was told. Car is great but I am thinking I would like to speak to the original owner. He bought it new and...
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