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    Heat level from hood vent.

    When looking at how the hood vent blows hot air from the radiator over the top, I can't help but wonder how hot that air will be and how that will effect the paint job downwind, particularly right between the vent and the winshield. Will we perhaps see instances of peeling or bubbling in that...
  2. Clairvoyant1332

    Official info on LS7

    http://media.gm.com/servlet/Gateway...&docid=6373 Looks like we have official word from GM that the LS7 will be in the 2006 Corvette Z06. :_rock
  3. Clairvoyant1332

    Recommended interior/dash cleaner

    My Z06 says in the garage, so I just use a damp cloth on that, however I'm looking for something with UV protection for my DD, a 92 Dodge Stealth. I had been using Armor All the the past (before I knew better!) Any suggestions? Dennis :w
  4. Clairvoyant1332

    Proper towel washing

    I know that you're only supposed to use liquid detergent, never to use fabric softener, and rinse twice. How about bleach? Can using towels that were bleached have a detremental affect on my finish? I just cleaned my Z06's rims (clearcoat, right?) with Meguiar's Quik Detailer (too damn cold...
  5. Clairvoyant1332

    Break-in period

    What's the break-in period on a new Vette, and what are the restrictions during that period? I'll be picking up my 03 Z06 from the museum in about a month. :D
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