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    lubing speedo cable 1965 conv.

    Tom, I just received the piece from a corvette supply house that is a aluminum plug that has male threads that match the trans end female end with a grease nipple on the end of it, directions say to use a normal hand pump grease gun, one pump fills the little tool, after that one pump for...
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    93 octane non-ethanol

    our jetskis require 100 octane due to add ons, we run aviation fuel bought at the local airstrip, its 100 oct., can last up to a year without losing anything just can't put it in the car, gotta put in in a can then transfer, its leaded.
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    lubing speedo cable 1965 conv.

    was wondering if anyone has lubed the speedo cable with one of those screw on units with the grease nipple on the end, I'm hoping to lube it thru the trans end as it would be easier then trying to get it off the speedo end, what type of grease? and how do you know when there's enough as I don't...
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    Question: New car to me. Did I pay too much?

    if its what you want and you can afford it, it doesn't matter what the price is, I've got 2 Porsche 911s, a 930 and just bought a 65 conv. sting ray that is showroom looking, just put a tremec 5 spd so the rpm at 70 is 1900 on the tach, some purists will turn a ugly eye towards that, but it...
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    no brake lights 65 stingray

    I ended up changing the turn signal switch in the column and presto the brake lights are alive, the brake light signal goes thru the blinker switch on these old cars as they don't have individual tail /brake lights out back, 74 bucks from ecklers corvette and about a hour of my life.... thanks...
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    no brake lights 65 stingray

    rear tail lights and blinkers work, have no brake lights, have 12 volts on one side of brake light switch, jumped the wires to eliminate switch, still no brake lights, was thinking maybe broken wire to tail lights ? and was wondering if one tai light is fed from brake light switch, does it feed...
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