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    Tune up for 95 Coupe

    Being new to the Corvette Club, what can I expect as a reasonable price for a minor tuneup? LT1
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    Question: After market exhaust

    What are the best after market cat-back exhaust for a 95 coupe?
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    How to re condition factory wheels?

    The wheels on my resently aquired 95 coupe were not taken very good care of by previous owners. They are the factory wheels and I understand they had a clear coat on them, which is mostly gone. Short of purchasing a new set of rims are there any products on the market that are made to...
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    Question: 95 Coup exhaust

    I am a new Corvette owner and have numerous things I want to upgrade on my new toy. I do not like the 'factory color' on the exhaust & muffler; but short of replacing them there doesn't seem to be many options. I have looked for chrome or stainless tips but only see the rectangle type, which I...
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    New Vette Owner

    I have just purchased my First Corvette, a Polo Green 95 Coupe. I am excited about finally being in the Vette 'family'!
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