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    Chasing Down Fuel Problem

    Hey everyone. I have a 96 auto that started to have starting problems about a month ago. My car is outside in my driveway and the weather was a little wet the past month. About a month ago, my car took a long time cranking before it would start. Once started, there was no problem starting it for...
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    California Smog Check Problem

    Hey everyone. It's been awhile. Well, about 3 weeks ago I had to change my intake manifold gasket so I had to disconnect the battery. Now I'm trying to get my car smogged but I can't get the HCAT or EVAP to be ready. Every other monitor is ready and I need one of these to be ready to take the...
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    How Do You Like The Sound Of My Exhaust?

    Hey everyone. Just added an X-pipe to my exhaust. No resonator and no mufflers. The drone I was getting from the resonator is now gone and I can actually have a quiet conversation, well until I floor it!!! What do you guys and girls think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8wtUVL1VvM
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    Bad Oxygen Sensor=Running Lean?

    Hey everyone. Still trying to pass California smog. Replaced EGR Solenoid and EGR Valve. Almost passing. NOX at 15 mph still just a little bit high. Got a code P0155 heater circuit. Haven't had time to check the circuit and oxygen sensor. Did check the fuse and it was still okay. The...
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    Just changed my egr solenoid and egr valve. I'm getting a P0155 on my scanner regarding the passenger side oxygen sensor. I believe the oxygen sensors have never been changed. Should I just change the sensor that's giving me the code ir should I change both sides? Also, how hard to change...
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    Engine Rebuilder in San Francisco Bay Area

    Hey everyone. Well, I have a 96 auto coupe with about 145,000 miles and I think it's time for a rebuild. There are other things that I need to replace for a 16 year old car but I want to have it in a better running condition first. It still runs well but the mileage is high. Does anyone know...
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    Fuse For Service Engine Light Soon

    Hi everyone. Well, when I was driving back from Walmart, I noticed that my service engine light was on. I don't know when it turned on but the car ran fine as usual. I recently put in and replaced some fuses by the driver's side door. There were some missing fuses and also some fuses didn't...
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    Painting Stock Rims

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of painting my 1996 Corvette stock rims. I saw paint made for rims but I was wondering how to get rid off the clear coat on the rims. Some of the clear coat has come off and I was thinking of sanding the rest of the clear coat off. Is that the way to get rid of the...
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