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    1954 vacume lines

    Hi Guys I need some help i have tried looking for pictures on the internet on how the lines get run off the fuel pump the vacume lines all the pictures have that blue shielding on.Would someone kindly post some pictures without the shielding or can you call me regarding this issue.Thanks Bob...
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    For Sale WTB: 1963 Split Window Coupe

    63 Sadle Tan This is Bob W .Just wanted to give you a heads up that i sent an e mail to you regarding a Sadle Tan i have for sale
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    Paint Code 54 Pennant BLUE

    Hi Guys,Looking for the paint code for the 54 pennat blue.Can't find it on any of the web sites.Thanks in advance.
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    64 motor compartment paint

    Can anyone tell me if the motor compartment in a 64 is suppose to be gloss or semi gloss.The motor is out, have to paint it.Thanks Dual Quad
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    Timing 283

    What would the timing be on a 283 non corvette motor Any help would be Appreciated
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    1960 Date

    I would like to find out what month the first 60 was made.Thanks dual quad
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    1960 hood latch

    Can anyone tell me if the male hood latch is suppose to be cad plated and the spring semi gloss black .Or is the whole latch cad plated including the spring.Thanks Bob W
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    1964 Re,paint

    Hello everyone ,I have a 64 convertible we are doing a frame on restoration.the body is down to bare glass looking to do either original paint or base coat clear coat.The 64 is all numbers matching.i plan on selling it when it is finished if we go with base coat clear coat will this limit the...
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