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    Help! Rough running when hot

    I have a '94 C4 LT1. When the outside temperature is hot (80 and above), after I have driven the car, turned it off, and let it sit for 15 minutes or so, it runs rough on start up and cuts out at high rpm. Coil, Ignition module, Spark plugs and wires, and fuel filter have been changed. Every one...
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    Help! 94 Power Antenna Repair

    The power antenna mast on my '94 coupe went up, but it will not go back down. The motor runs. Can these be rebuilt, or do I have to buy a new unit? Thanks, in advance.
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    WTB 94 Front License Plate Filler

    Having moved from Ohio to Kentucky, I would like to purchase the front license plate filler that would fit a '94, preferably in Arctic White. I think the same filler is used for model years '92-'96. Contact me at dougroush@bellsouth.net
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    Interior Lights Stay On, Help!

    I really appreciate this forum and the good information that is exchanged here. I have a '94 coupe. Let me start at the beginning of what may, or may not, be the beginning of my problem: My PKE has not been responding to the "unlock" for a few days. So, I purchased and replaced the battery in...
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    Low Temp. .Stat

    I am preparing to back flush my cooling system and I want to replace my thermostat when I do. My '94 has the standard 193 degree stat. I have seen that a cooler 160 degree stat is supposed to increase the efficiency of the engine. As I understand it, the 193 degree stat is for the purpose...
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    Sport Seats

    I just purchased a 94 C4 with the Sport Seat option. I can hear the selenoid clicking for each adjustment in each seat. However, neither seat will adjust. Anyone have this problem, or can you tell me where the problem may be?
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