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    Factory Locking Lug Nuts With Key

    $25 I bought these off of a forum member with intentions of using them. I sold the car before they got used. They are just as they were when I got them as you see in the pics. Here are a few pics of the lugs with the cones shown. If you need more pics let me know.
  2. Eddie 70

    Gas Pedal Differences

    I am trying to figure something out for my son. He needs to know if there are any differences in the gas pedal assemblies from the 68-82. If so can you help me with the differences. We know for the most part they are essentially the same but are there any differences that would keep you from...
  3. Eddie 70

    My Air Cleaner Lid Clock

    I have been wanting to do this for sometime now. Yesterday I finally said to hell with it and drilled the hole in the lid just a little bigger. The lid even has the AC Delco screen print on the back. At least this way I am getting some use out of it. This was the lid that was on my 70 when I...
  4. Eddie 70

    A ride around the block in my C3 LS conversion.

    I took a ride around the block, down the road and back to the house. I was trying out my new PanaVice camera mount. The video is shot on my Sony point and shoot camera so take it as it is. mevgIhUfC4E C1VGjBKapao
  5. Eddie 70

    Had A Good Day Working On Two EB Z06 Vettes

    One of my buddies also has an 02 Z06. This weekend we installed the CLB on both vettes. Had a few cold drinks and took some pics. Check em out. These are pics of his vette and mine on the front lawn. His vette is spotless. Mine on the other hand, is nice and daily driven. Terry's Mine on...
  6. Eddie 70

    Tach Conversion - Mechanical To Electric

    Since my oil pressure gauge conversion from mechanical to electric works, I thought I would try and jump to my next project in the conversion. I want to take my stock tach and make it work with the LS conversion. Since my mechanical tach now has no input, we have to give up the mechanical guts...
  7. Eddie 70

    Speedo Needle Jumping and Odometer Not Keeping Mileage

    This is something sort of new to my car. I have a fairly new rebuilt speedo and it has been keeping up with mileage for the last 6k miles. For some reason now the needle is jumping. There is an audible click and then the needle jumps so there is no real way to monitor my speed. I have the speedo...
  8. Eddie 70

    2nd LS6 Test Fire

    I finally got around to getting HP Tuners and turned the VATS system off. So, we gave it a few tries and and it fired up and ran. Not without any problems though. I managed to pump all of the power steering fluid out of the fitting at the pump reservoir down the whole front of the motor and into...
  9. Eddie 70

    1970 LS6 Test Fire

    I finally got around to test firing my LS conversion this weekend. :ohnoes It was a little hairy because I had made my own harness and was not sure I had everything in place like it should be. Turns out we have a battery that is only putting out about 11.8 volts after being on trickle charge...
  10. Eddie 70

    My Buddy Wrecked His 70 Today

    I know some of you may have already seen this over on CF but this morning TNBUSA and I were going to meet for breakfast. I had to stop for money and he called me, I thought he was going to tell me he was already there waiting on me. Nothing that good at all. He told me he just wrecked his...
  11. Eddie 70

    Quick Video of my buddies 1970 BB

    Went for a ride in my buddies 1970 BB we have been working on for quite a while. This was my first ride in the car and I was stoked. Check out the rest of my videos for more short clips of the vette. This one is a short blast through the first couple of gears. You can hear it hit the rev...
  12. Eddie 70

    Vette Tube Videos

    Don't know if you have seen this site yet but I think it is pretty cool. If you have any videos of your vette, upload them and then add the link to this thread. Should be pretty good if we get some participation. Here are a few of the videos I uploaded. BTW, let me know if the link works.
  13. Eddie 70

    Help Me Pick Out a Personalized Tag

    I am allowed 7 letters and numbers. Lets see how creative this bunch is. I have been wanting one for years.
  14. Eddie 70

    Free Video by PST-Rebuilding Your Front Suspension

    I am done with the video. It is on VHS tape and it covers building the front suspension of a camaro, if I am not mistaken, which is close to doing ours. It has been a long time since I watched the video so I forget which car was in the video. Anyway, if you want the video, just post here. You...
  15. Eddie 70

    My Homemade Pressure Bleeder

    Well I finally got around to making my homemade pressure bleeder for brakes. I bought all of the parts over a few weeks time at different places. I bought the sprayer at Home Depot. Bought the gauge and its fittings at Lowe. I bought the tygon tubing and the brass T fittings at ACE hardware in...
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