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    69 Wont Start

    Has very little crank power before click-click-click noise. Does not even help by jump start attempt. But battery reads 12.5 volts across terminals. Any ideas?
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    Headlight Travel Issues

    Hi everyone i have a couple of headlight issues that I need some help with. First is headlight wink, where left light will not go down. so i relaced the headlight actuator. Did not fix the wink. Upon further inspection, i think the HL gets me hanically stuck at full up position....i have to...
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    Show raised white letters on tires, or not???

    For C3 Coupe
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    Electric Cooling Fan Direction

    Hi guys For a elec cooling fan mounted in front of radiator, which is correct direction for it to turn? (When looking from front of car) Thanks! Ernie
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    Help! 69 Overheating - Big Block

    Hi CAC team need your help. 69 is overheating at idle and low speeds.....ok on highway. radiator had leak repaired and flow checked, both ok. new 160 thermostat installed. Fresh antifreeze. has electric fan in front of radiator. overflow tank has sufficient coolant in it dont know where...
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    What is determination of 1969 Early or Late model?

    Seems to make a difference for fan shroud seals
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    Overheating Big Block - How Important is the Shroud Sealing?

    Hi guys, need your help on this. Have a 69 big block that overheats.....temperature will not stabilize at idle vehicle stopped. While driving, with airflow over rad, temp is quite ok. But with vehicle stopped, temp keeps climbing and never stabilizes. Radiator had a hole/pinhole in it. So i...
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