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    C5 Window Valet $85 Shipped in U.S.

    Sold the 98, don't need valet anymore. Title says just about everything. The $85 shipped price is for U.S. only and I'll ship it insured USPS. I can take paypal. I have this listed in three places so PM me if you want it. - Eric:w
  2. Eric

    The NCM and Bowling Green Assembly Plant Need You!

    BOWLING GREEN ASSEMBLY PLANT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY Thousands of Corvettes and thousands of Corvette devotees filling the roads and highways crossing the country on a singular mission; this is life on a National Corvette Caravan and you can join in the fun, share the excitement...
  3. Eric

    Question: Is This Door Panel Light Oak

    Thinking of changing the door panels and carpet when I replace my seat covers. I think this is Light Oak but I don't have a point of reference. The guy selling it lists it as tan but that's not the real color. Can anyone out there who has Light Oak tell me if this looks like it? Thanks,
  4. Eric

    Help! Sport Seat Bladder Repair

    My 98 turned 70k last fall and the years are requiring some repairs. When I bought it four years ago the side bolster bladders didn't inflate but no biggie. Now one of the center lumbars stopped working. The pump runs when I move the switch so power isn't the problem. It would appear that...
  5. Eric

    Wagon Wheels - Free to Good Home

    Pickup only in Manassas VA. I don't have pics to post but you all know what they look like. They are off of my 98 and the condition is typical for wheels with 50k on them - a couple of nicks here and there but nothing major. Three of the sensors were working when I took them off two years...
  6. Eric

    Pics of Awesome Baldwin Motion Clone

    I mentioned having seen this car a while back in the thread about our new killer site banner up top. That prompted me to find it again. Check this car out. They guy has 90+ pics including documentation of how they cloned it. If (when) I ever get another Shark it's getting this paint scheme...
  7. Eric

    Obsessive 79 Owner

    Check out this link. The gasoline usage is what I call documentation. A little obsessive I'd say.
  8. Eric

    Help! Slipping In/Out of Torque Conv. Lockup

    For level set, it's a 98 A4 with 68K on it. The problem occurs more when the fluid is still pretty cold, under 100 degrees, but still occurs with less severity at normal operating temps. I had the filter replaced and a flush performed with Mobil1 trans fluid but the problem persists. After the...
  9. Eric

    Warning Chime Not Working

    I asked this a looonnggg time ago but no one had any ideas. Since it's been a while, I'm hoping someone else may have experienced this or have some insight. My warning chime in the dash doesn't work. Sometimes I can barely hear it and other times not at all. This is the chime that dings for...
  10. Eric

    Factory-5 Dumps Mustang for C5 In Latest Kit

    From Kit Car magazine - click link for pics: If you're a car guy, then chances are good that at one time or another you've leaned back on your stool in your garage, in your chair at work, or on the family sofa in the living room and dreamt up some kind of supercar. More often than not, a...
  11. Eric

    Vettes Drag Racing in the Middle East - I Never Knew

    Never expected to read this in The Voice of Bahrain, The Gulf Daily News: Khalid clips Aryan's mark By AIDAN PAYNE BAHRAIN'S Khalid Mohammed driving a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette clocked 6.482 seconds to set a new Middle East record in the qualifiers of the ProMod category in the Chevrolet...
  12. Eric

    Looks Like Everyone Wants A Z06...

    ... instead of a Viper or a Shelby. When I took this poll the C6 Z06 was at 60% but then we all knew that would be the case, right;). Cast your vote and drive home the obvious fact. I'm actually a little suprised the Viper is not only so low in the voting, bit it's dead last. I mean I figured...
  13. Eric

    Get Your CAC Cap - Now in Black or Tan!!!

    Finally, now you can show the world where to go for the best in Corvette news and information. A fresh shipment of CAC hats have just arrived and they're ready for you to slap one on your head and show off your Corvette Action Center style! The caps are available in black or tan as shown above...
  14. Eric

    Interesting ZR-1 on Ebay

    Screw the high miles and non-factory color, I like this car! And isn't it nice to see that some people aren't afraid to not only drive them, but drive the heck out of them;). Here's the ebay link.
  15. Eric

    Warning Chime Not Working Properly?

    After working properly since I've owned the car, Friday AM my warning chime stopped chiming properly. Now I can hear a muffled buzz instead of the full volume chime. I'm talking about the chime when you don't turn the lights off or don't buckle the seat belt at start up. Has anyone else...
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