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    Got my new right knee!

    Got it this past Monday and the next day I was walking with the walker down to the nurses station. Could go home today, but Sharon will be home after work tomorrow and it makes sense to stay one more day. My surgeon said he can make that happen! So go home tomorrow and then work the PT. I...
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    Need your help for another Corvette brother, he needs your vote! 1958

    The voting ends at the end of the month. There is a Plymouth that just recently bumped into the lead.....please vote once per day....it can help! VOTE HERE thanks everyone!!!
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    Vote for Goodguys Homebuilt Heaven Corvette for National Championship

    Ron Champe's '65 Corvette is one of approximately 23 finalists in the Goodguys Homebuilt Heaven national Championship. There is one winner at each Goodguys venue and Ron's car won at Columbus. Now they are determining who will be the over all champion and are using online voting to make that...
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    Thank you to everyone that voted

    for my car in the Corvette Calendar contest. My car made the final 13. There were other C1 and C2's that I believe also made it, their owners will need to confirm. But, thank you all again!:beer regards, Herb
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    I need your vote for the 2011 Corvette Calendar

    Ok, so this is a bit off the wall. But then haven't we all been a bit off the wall. At any rate, as most of you know I have a 1960 Corvette that I redid. I entered it into a 2011 Corvette Calendar Contest and I made the final round of voting. Right now I am in third place, but a number of...
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    Brand new, never used Corsa Exhaust 14169

    Sport Axle-back System, Twin 3.5" Pro-Series Tips - #14169 Delivered continental 48 states, $1175 (Summit Racing is $1279 + $15 shipping + Ohio tax (if from Ohio). This is a brand new system never taken out of the box. Axle-back System fits 2005-08 C6 with 6.0/6.2L. Straight-through 2.5"...
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    Corvettes at Corsa 2010

    Corsa Exhaust had their 8th annual all Corvette show at their plant in Berea, Ohio today. While the weatherman said rain in the morning, we were supposed to be back into the sun by noon. Well, almost! We drove the 1960 to the show and the rain was coming down in spots in our 50 mile (one...
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    '60 hardtop restoration

    well, I thought it was a '60, some of the characteristics of the hardtop were correct, but key one which I missed until I went to put the roof back together was the roof hold down brackets. And that is when I found out that my hardtop was really a 56-58 (or something like that) and not a...
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    62SWC banner or posters you can make yourself

    I have made some other stuff for the garage walls and decided I needed to add a banner for the '63SWC. When I get it on the wall I will post some photos.....in the mean time here it is on my floor.... it is actually 74" X 39"........ How do I do it? I take the photo in high resolution...
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    new Corvette photo....

    this was done for me by one of the guys on the photo forum I belong to. I took the car photo and he adjusted it with the "extras".....what do you think? here is what he started with.....he does nice work.....
  11. firstgear

    wtb 63-67 DRIVER side front bumper

  12. firstgear

    Hot Rod Power Tour

    well, change in plans, took the '37 Ford 502w/supercharger out last weekend and after some spirited driving getting ready to go, blew the head gasket....so the back up plan is to take the '64 coupe....we will be in Madison, Racine and south Bend (bailing out of Michigan) then heading home...
  13. firstgear

    what is the best method to put '63 hub cap covers on without denting them?

    I bought a real nice set of '63 hubcaps because the ones that came with the car had been beat with a rubber mallet getting them on the wheels and putting small dents in the perimeter of the cap. So what do most people do to get the hubcap on without putting dents on its outer edges?
  14. firstgear

    C2 paint and Top Flight judging

    Cars that are top flighted, what kind of paint do they have on them? Do they have base coat/clear coat or ? what kind of penalty does one incur for base coat/clear coat if that isn't the way to go? I am trying to get some direction on paint for my other '63 swc. With the economy down, I can...
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