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    CAC vin lookup

    Hi all, been a while. Bought a new to me 2013 z06 8k miles. IIRC there is a place on the site where I enter the vin & it looks up options or such? y/n? Can you point me to it? Thanks :)
  2. froggy47

    Speed in gears at redline c7's

    Can't seem to find anywhere for the stick shift cars. Car & Driver has it for the z06 automatic. Thanks if you can help. :)
  3. froggy47

    Cooling system parts for Suburban - brand & where?

    I need some parts for my 2002 100k miles Suburban. Water pump, stat, a/c belt, resevoir. The a/c delco stuff is almost 2x the price of everything else. My dealer marks up like I'm buying diamonds at full retail. Where & what brand stuff would you guys use, I want quality without being scre###...
  4. froggy47

    Q. on Carbon Edition tranny ratios

    My friend who fancies himself a Vette expert claims the ratio's are different in the Carbon tranny from the "regular" c6z. I said I don't think so. Anyone weigh in? :)
  5. froggy47

    Some recent info off another Vette forum - dinner with Feehan

    We had a QA session with Doug and it really focused around the upcoming C7 and what that car would be like. While of course he wasn't going to release any critical information, he did state a couple important facts. He stated that the C7 will be noticeably lighter than the C6. He said it will be...
  6. froggy47

    Grand Sport 2011 GS Coupe with Factory Buy Back

    If it shows on the title or history at all then many (most?) potential buyers will just take a pass and not want to hear the "story" behind the buyback. So if YOU get a big enough discount YOU will have to pass it on to the next buyer. :thumb
  7. froggy47

    Just a test

    Thanks Tamara. :)
  8. froggy47

    F/S LTPWS sensors

    F/S LTPWS sensors all sold******* These are from various sets of wheels I had on my 1996 C4. They all worked when I took them off. I took them off because I race & they are not really useful for racing applications as you run pressures & tires very different from stock. Also...
  9. froggy47

    F/S Z51 Springs

    ##SOLD## F/S Z51 Springs I have 3 springs, a pair (front & rear) that I bought last year & installed on my 1996 LT4 to run autox. I won the San Diego SCCA AS Solo championship with that car & these springs. See avatar picture. These are correct & legal for SCCA SOLO stock class for a 1996 with...
  10. froggy47

    FS Grand Sprt rims - chrome

    ##SOLD##FS Grand Sport rims - chrome Excuse all the pics but I know when guys are buying rims a lot of pics are necessary. I tried to show everything & there are many shadows & reflections that appear in the photos. Those are not scratches in the chrome, it's just really...
  11. froggy47

    FHA spring

    Title say's it. WTB FHA (front of course) spring. TIA
  12. froggy47

    Best brand wheel bearings

    I put new GM bearings in about 5000 miles ago & already I feel a little play (12 & 6 test). Is there a better quality bearing than oem or am I just going to have to change them once a year? Running 2x a month autox plus practices on 710's. TIA
  13. froggy47

    What's trade in on an 03 z?

    A guy I know wants to sell a nice (not mint) 03 z, about 25k miles fast. Very stock. What's the low (trade in) value - cash - immediate sale. I've got an LT4, but 2 Vettes would be nice.
  14. froggy47

    P/S pump replacement - tips?

    I'm going to replace my worn out p/s pump & hoses this week. I have done this on other vehicles but not on a C4 Vette. Any helpful hints. No lift but I can jack it pretty high & drop off the front wheels if it helps. Access panels? Anything? TIA
  15. froggy47

    Check engine soon & p/s sluggish - any connection?

    1996 lt4 63k miles stock. I was near the middle of a 90 mile freeway drive to autox event & check engine soon comes on. Car continued to run fine & strong. After my 1st run (ambient temps about 75 sunny) I noticed that the steering was noticably harder to turn. I did 2 more runs, when the rpm's...
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