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    Odd A/C performance..

    My AC started doing this near the tail end of summer last year, so it wasn't too big a deal, but here we are coming back into summer soon, and I'd like to figure this out sooner than later. About half the time, the AC works perfectly, as it is supposed to. No troubles. The other half, it...
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    1994 LT1 Long block options?

    My 1994 LT1 M6 is beginning to show it's age I *think*. Over the last couple of months, it's been registering low oil pressure *only* at idle, low enough for the *check gauges* light to come on. Yesterday I replaced the sending unit for the gauge, and no change. So, that was probably working...
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    Check gauges light - oil pressure..

    Over the last month or so, the check gauges light on my '94 LT1 M6 illuminates infrequently. I've already done a search and didn't find anything that covered exactly what I was looking for. I read through the FSM and didn't find much mention other than the light will illuminate when the oil...
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    I'm back after a leave of absence..

    Two C4s and a couple of years later, I've decided that I *really* miss not having a Corvette in the garage. Even though I registered here quite some time ago, I'm ashamed that it took me this long to realize what I dunce I was for sellin' my last C4. So, here I am, be gentle with me. I'm...
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