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    Air pump questions

    My 84 C4 has been running great since I got it in August. Now just this week it started to run really rough. Sputters and dies on acceleration. My first thought was bad gas. Put a can of Sea Foam in the gas tank and drove it about a half a mile last night. Opened the the hood and noticed the...
  2. goldenc4

    C4 body side mouldings

    How do you replace the body side mouldings on a C4? It looks to me like the clip under the rubber is riveted on. I have tried to run a search on this and came up blank. Thanks ahead of time, Jim
  3. goldenc4

    Bolts for top on '84 C4

    Hi, Getting some things fixed that previous owners cobbled up. The special bolts that hold the top on on my C4 coupe are messed up. One is missing entirely. Have looked around on the web and cannot locate any. Does anyone have a source? Thanks ahead of time, Jim
  4. goldenc4

    Wires not hooked up near distributer ?

    Hi,The tach on my 1984 C4 is not working correctly. In a previous post there was mention of filter near dist. After looking around I found this wire "A" with two connectors hooked to what looks like a condensor "B" on the intake. Should these be hooked to anything? If so where? Thanks ahead of...
  5. goldenc4

    C4 Digital dash woes

    Hi, The digital fuel gauge on my 1984 shows full all the time. Should I be looking at the dash or the sending unit? Also when I first start the car the tach display goes all the way up and then drops to 0 and stays there, again is this a dash problem or a sender problem? Thanks ahead of time, Jim
  6. goldenc4

    Newbie with C4 headlight problems

    Hi, Just bought what's left of a 1984 Corvette coupe. So I am sure I will be posting a lot and want to thank you all ahead of time. First problem is the headlights of course. When I got the car the lights were up and the wires were disconnected. As soon as I pluggged the wires in the lights...
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