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    Help! Installing a set of Bilstein sports shock

    I brought a set of Bilstein sports shocks for my C5 with a Z51 suspension. The old rear shocks have a plate on the top for two bolts, that bolts to the bracket on the car. The Bilstein rear shocks did not come with this plate. How can I install the rear Bilstein shocks?
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    Video: Insatlling Air Dam spoiler Kit

    Looking for a Video showing how to install Air dam spoiler kit.
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    Help! Rebuild Kit for Differential

    I need help. I want to know is there a company out there that sale Differential rebuild kits and do they sale individual gears like the small spider gears? I am getting my Differential rebuilt and my gears inside, the small spider gears needs to be replaced.
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    Electrical problems

    dash board lights flashes on and off. Indicator lights for L/R turn signals inside the dash board lights up at the same time and blinks. The L/R turning signals in front of the car blinks at the same time. When I turn on my park lights they do not light up nor does it light up when I turn on the...
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    Help! Electrical or Alarm problems

    I have a problem with my R/L turning light indicator in the instrument cluster panel. The light indicators are both lit and when I turn on the right or left signal they will flash/flicker and the lights that lights up the instrument cluster panel also flashes/flicker. Now when I lock the car...
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    Help! Blower Fans 1&2

    I have a problem with engine high temps and I need to know what can I do to fix it. I have no coolant leaks, the hoses are in good shape. Is there something else that I am overlooking? I mean what could cause this problem?
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    Help! Head lamp Door 99 C5

    I need help with adjusting my head lamp door. On the passenger side It does not go up when I turn on the head light. It look like it is stuck and I can see the motor turning. How can I get it back into sync to open and close properly? I can not get the head lamp door to open manually.when I...
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    Question: sixth gear

    Driving on the highway in sixth gear at 70 I wanted to go faster. As soon as I pushed down on the gas to go faster I heard a click the engine RPM went up and the car begin so slow down. So I noticed that I was not in sixth gear anymore so I place it back into sixth and the care moved on. I...
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    Question: how to get access to turning signal light

    C5 I need help with getting access to the front turning signal light bulb, so that I can replace it. So I need a drawing showing how to access light bulb. Can some please show this to me.
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