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    Sport seat lumbar bladder replacement

    Has anyone replaced the lumbar bladder in their sport seat(s)? I took apart the driver's side seat from my '86 yesterday but would like some confirmation that I did it right. The factory manual gives instructions for replacing the bladder and the way I interpreted them you have to remove the...
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    water in gas?

    I've noticed that after almost every time I wash my 86 coupe, the engine will run poorly for a while. It will stumble and cut out on deceleration and then set a code 33 (MAF too high). I've gone through the troubleshooting sections in the shop manual for the MAF and can find no problems with...
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    Source for new EGR solenoid plug

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement plug for an '86 EGR solenoid electrical connector? What I need is the free hanging plastic plug that holds the pins and plugs into the EGR solenoid. The wires and pins are OK but the plastic has disintegrated from age and heat. I checked all my...
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    Auto X ray

    I just learned something interesting that I thought I would pass along. I have an early 1986 coupe with the iron head engine. I bought an Auto X ray E Z Link code scanner. I configured it per the instructions for an 86 model Corvette. All the readings were way off, for instance, RPM at idle...
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    L-98 mufflers

    Does anyone have a set of the "aluminized replacement mufflers" sold by Mid America and Corvette America. Not the "Walker Quiet Flow" ones but the "no name" ones. I'm thinking about buying a set for my '86 coupe. It has the original mufflers now but they are starting to rust out. I wouldn't...
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