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    Radio upgrades for a 77-should it be done?

    Have 77 that the radio is not working, how easy is it to replace with a new one, and if so which one? Thanks for your help
  2. irongate

    Exhaust for 77

    Looking for input on replacing exhaust on a 77 with 57k on it? 1. One should I kept it stock = or should it have a wake up to it? 2. What brand have most people been using DynoMax or MagnaFlow ? Thanks for any input.
  3. irongate

    1977 corvette -Tires

    New to this Forum , Just purchase a 77 orange L-48 ,auto Corvette with 56990 miles on it. The tire were put on in 82 plenty of tread on them, what tire pressure would be good for running them. also Battery was replace back in 94, everything is good on it-should I replace it? Paint is very nice...
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