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  1. Jim B

    Brake squeak...

    Brakes were rebuilt within the last year. And this summer there is a rotational squeak while driving (most of the time). They work fine but it is annoying. I can't find anything, and took it to my mechanic. He's not sure why either. Help please!
  2. Jim B

    WTB, core support,fan shroud

    I'm looking fora core support and fan shroud for my '74 SB. Must be in good condition. PM with pics please. Thanks
  3. Jim B

    Help w/window motor...

    Hi all Can anyone show me pics and instructions for replacing my power window motor on drivers side? Getting door panel off is not a problem. Thanks
  4. Jim B

    Tire size on '74?

    Hi all, Want to put 16" wheels and tires on my '74. What size 16's would fit with out a problem?
  5. Jim B

    Chasis lube?

    I know this is a basic question, but where exactly do you grease a '74? I know, I should have a shop manual!!!
  6. Jim B

    Chassis lube?

    I know this is a basic question, but where exactly do you grease a '74? I know, I should have a shop manual!!!
  7. Jim B

    '74 bumper?

    Hi to all, Does anyone have any experience with the "True Flex" brand bumpers? I need a new front one. I'd like to know about the quality and fit. If anyone has them let meknow. Thanks
  8. Jim B

    vacuum leak

    Hey guys, I assume the best way to check for aleak is a vacuum gauge. If so , where would I connect it ? Thanks
  9. Jim B

    Flex-fit vs reg fiberglass?

    I was ondering about everyones thoughts on the two types for a front bumper. Quality, and very important is ease of installation. Thanks, Jim
  10. Jim B


    Does anyone have suggestins on what type of replacement valve cover gaskets are best? Always something to do. Thanks
  11. Jim B

    Header bolts etc.

    Hi all, gonna be installing my headers soon., and I don't want leaks later. Are there certain bolts or gaskets I should use? Any ideas would be great. Thanks
  12. Jim B

    header question

    Hi Guys, I will soon be putting a set of tight tuck headers on my 74. Wonderd if there are any pitfalls or problems to watch for. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks , Jim
  13. Jim B

    window motor replace!!!

    Hi all. Need to replace pass. motor. Need help with the process. I already have the panel and motor cover off. I'd like step by step inst. so I don't screw it up or make it harder than it should be!I know ther is an issue with the spring etc. Thanks for any help.
  14. Jim B

    small headlight glitch

    On my 74 one light doesn't quite go up all the way (about 2-3 inches low. But it goes down fine. Is this a simple adjustment? Or a usual vacuum problem?
  15. Jim B


    Working on console plate now. The ashtray lid doesn't stay up all the way. In taking it apart I found only 1 lid slide, is there supposed to be 2? Is that even the problem? thanks, Jim
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