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Jim True

I have been around cars since I was 10 started out working for Wayne Chew in his restoration shop sometime around 1972. We didn't have many reproduction parts we either made one, bought one at a swap meet, or rebuilt what we had ..I am now 58 years young, I really don't have anything other interest but cars. I started out rebuilding wiring harness on the ground tacked to a 4X8 sheet of peg board. I tested cleaned and put the correct ends on and rewrapped the whole harness with all the factory stuff every wire from headlight to tail light. I painted my first car at 13 (professonaly) The old way, body had to be perfect. Featherfill block and primed. Set for 30 days block and reprime, another 30 days. block 3 to 5 coats of paint set for a week block lightly another 3 to 5 coats sanded SLICK and buffed and polished for days .. We have come a long way since then !

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