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  1. John '85

    Question: ZF 6 in a 1985???

    Now that I am having problems with my 4+3, see below (pops out of 2nd gear) I am looking at options, Will a ZF 6 speed fit into my '85? I have read about the Richmond ROD, but price is always an issue.
  2. John '85

    4+3 pops out of 2nd

    Downshifting from 3rd into 2nd, sometimes it pops out of second!!!! I have heard that this might be the 2nd gear synchro. What is that and how can I fix it?
  3. John '85

    Adjusting the Rack & Pinion

    My R&P had a leak, so I replaced it. now my steering is quite sensitive and I have some wander at high speeds. new shocks, ball joints lubed, and alignment is just right. Looking at the breakdown picture in the shop manual, I see an adjustment bolt on the R&P, Has anyone adjusted their R&P...
  4. John '85

    Another oil temp question

    I have an '85 Z51 (with oil cooler), the coolant temp and oil temp were usually about the same around 200. I tuned it up, plugs, coil, wires, OD fluid and filter, and eng oil (Castrol 20-50). Now the oil temo runs 10 to 15 degs higher than the coolant. Any ideas???
  5. John '85

    rocker arm / valve covers removal ???

    I am replacing the gaskets on my rocker arm covers, got the right side off without a hitch. However, the left (driver's) side is a bit of a problem. does anyone know if I have to remove the A.I.R. pump? the cover is under the bracket for the A.I.R pump, and I cant get it out from under it!
  6. John '85

    Code 32 mystery

    Ok, all you code 32 head bangers, I have a good one for you. I have always had a check engine light come on at the same time everyday during my commute to work, and on the way home. With the little GM code reader 'jumper' in the ALDL, the light flashes 32. I borrow a friend's AutoExray EZ scan...
  7. John '85

    Fuel level sending unit

    I have an 85 vette, and I am having problems with my fuel quanity gauge. I understand that there is a way to clean the sending unit in the tank. can anyone help me out with this?
  8. John '85

    Clutch Start Switch?

    I just replace the clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder and tubing between the two. I bleed the system good, now the car wont start. seems like the clutch start switch. I was under the instrument panel to remove the master cylinder, and it looks like all the wires are connected....Does anyone...
  9. John '85


    I have an '85 4+3 that started out as a fluid loss in the clutch master cylinder, kept fillin it up every week, then every day, then every drive. Decided to change the master and slave cylinders. Did that, did the proper bleed method. Now, the pedal is super loose, and the car wont even start...
  10. John '85

    85 oil pan removal help

    to remove my oil pan, to change the gasket, I have to remove the flywheel cover. one of the bolts is blocked by the oil filter adapter. any ideas to get this bolt out???
  11. John '85


    I have an '85 4+3, and yesterday it stalled on me at a red light! it started up again [had a code 43, but that erased]. now today, stuck in traffic [the creatins just HAD to slow down to have a look at the car in trouble on the side of the highway!] and my Vette stalled again on a full stop! no...
  12. John '85

    Bloomfield Hills Police?

    A friend of mine in Hong Kong just sent me this picture. Is it for real??
  13. John '85

    '85 defroster

    my problem is, my '85 rear window defroster, both aft contacts have broken off the metal strip, which also has separated in places from the glass. any ideas for a repair? I am thinking about soldering the contacts back to the metal strip, but cant think of a good way to reattach the metal strip...
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