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    99 roof delaminating

    Does anyone know what type of sealant or other product I should use to reattach the roof skin to the frame? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Help! 99 cooling fans run slow

    My cooling fans on my 99 are not running and won't cool the car. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Help! headliner fell out

    :eyerole I own a 99 coupe and the headliner when it got hot would constantly hang down. It would always push back up, but now it won't stay up at all. Does anyone have a sugestion as what I should use to put it back up for good?
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    a/c display overly dim

    I just bought my first vette, its a 99 coupe. The car runs and drives great. I am trying to figure out why the display for the a/c controls are very dim. In daylight hours they are almost invisible. The dimmer is turned all the way up, the displays on the dash and the radio are normal. Any...
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