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    Grand Sport Service Rear Axle.

    So about a week after the warranty ends I get this message in the DIC. 2017 Grand Sport 7 speed. Didn't seem to affect anything until I went on my favorite exit with the off camber dog leg. I usually hit this one at around 95 or better. Now I can feel the rear end fighting itself. Anyone have...
  2. korvettekarl

    Is it as fast as they say?

    yeah that is the way I am leaning. Might sell a few cars to come up with the cash and still retire.
  3. korvettekarl

    Is it as fast as they say?

    I am not sure. I am trying to decide if I need a new one. I presently have 2017 Grand Sport 7 speed. Supposed to be my last Vette. This one was number 12 in the last 27 years. The problem I have is, if I do buy a new one I can't retire. I am getting a little sick of working, . 44 years in the...
  4. korvettekarl

    Help! 1990 ZR1 intermitant starter problems

    I have 1990 ZR1 with 58 K miles. Suddenly started to have a problem starting. Push starts every time. Relay? Starter? I don't want to pull the intake if I don't have to. Does anyone have any ideas where I should start? Any known issues. The car has ben great up to now. Any help is always...
  5. korvettekarl

    1969 T Top dimensions

    Can anyone tell me the dimensions for T Tops on a 1969? Daughter has a 69 with some frame work done. Obviously incorrect as the T Tops don't fit. Before I get out the plasma cutter I would like to know the correct dimensions. Thanks.
  6. korvettekarl

    Question: Strange Transmission noise

    When sitting at light in 2017 Grand Sport in 1st gear or when coming to a stop, getting noise exactly like my 08 Z06 has when sitting a light with it in first gear with the clutch in. Only problem is this a automatic transmission. Anybody have a similar complaint. I took it to Henderson...
  7. korvettekarl

    Press Release 2017 Grand Sport ELSD question

    When I bring up the Performance graphics I see the display for the ELSD and it shows 30% on the right rear wheel and 0 % on the left rear at a dead stop and doesn't change unless under HEAVY torque. Anyone else having this problem? I don't like taken my cars to the dealer unless I have major...
  8. korvettekarl

    New Gran Sport

    Well the first Gran Sport hit Vegas yesterday. I couldn't help myself and even though I will be sleeping on the couch for about a month, I bought it. Watkins Glen Gray and all the options. Traded the 14 Z51 Premier Edition Stingray. This is my first automatic tranny so, I am still struggling to...
  9. korvettekarl

    Question: Z51 tire replacements

    Any one have a favorite tire replacement for 2014 Z51? I have gotten far more miles than I ever expected out of the stock Pilot Sports. I have just over 20k on them. I usually get between 8k and 12k before searching for new rubber. Are the non run flats a large improvement over the run flats? I...
  10. korvettekarl

    New Stingray

    Finally closed on a new Premier Edition Stingray Z51. Laguna Blue with the Brown interior. Number 283 of 500. This thing is awesome. Got rid of the 2013 ZL1. Nice car but what a gas hog and when the blower sucked itself, was over a month to find the parts.
  11. korvettekarl

    Grand Sport Who Built Your Grand Sport Engine?

    The dry sump on GS's is only on the coupe with manual trans only . A convertible with a manual trans will NOT get the dry sump or the hand assembled engine.
  12. korvettekarl

    Grand Sport Grand Sport With An LS7 Option?

    Thanks Hib, I will check that out. I saw something on the Speed Channel about it. Didn't catch it all but what I did see seemed to be very positive. Also thanks for being on top of the Vette scene. We or at least I appreciate all the excellent articles you have given us through the years.
  13. korvettekarl

    Grand Sport Small rocks, sand and gravel trapped between qtr panel and rocker panel

    I think it has to do with the vents for the rear brakes on the Z06 and the Grand Sports. The only time I noticed it on my 2005 Coupe was when I used the pressure washer.
  14. korvettekarl

    Grand Sport Clicking Noise

    Sounds like a noisy relay to me. Turn up the stereo.
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