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    92 lt1 a/t coupe trans swap 85k mi.

    I have to do trans work on a/t. Have new torque converter, already installed. found out 1st gear is worn. Driveable, but bad shift to second, on harder accel. How much cash and work to swap out to a 6 spd. I think I know I need flywheel, change pedals. console. linkage. Do I need to change...
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    mallory distributor 474B201A D70-9

    Hi To All, I would like to know if this distributor can be adapted to work on a stock 84 crossfire, with a/t. Bought it at a garage sale from a guy I know from the town I live in. It has a vacuum advance. Would work for sure on an older small block Chev. The reason I bought it is that I have...
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    distributor install re-built 350 84 coupe

    Hi, Just putting a ported manifold with bored out throttle bodies on a re-built motor. Slipped in the distributor with my marks that line up where they should. My question is, the distributor needs to go down about a half an inch to be down where it was before. is it ok to just crank it down the...
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