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    Satin Black Full Length Racing Stripes

    Good Morning! It's been quite Awhile since last post. I was checking production numbers for my 2017 ZO6 Convertible. Could not find option DUO satin black full length racing stripes. I must be missing something cause I can't find it? Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks Dana
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    Help! 2017 ZO6 Electrical Issue

    Has anybody experienced this? While driving my new Z06 - all gauges went dead Service lights for every system on the car went on Pulled off the side of the road - shut car off in hopes of restoring everything - Car was completely dead - car would not start - Could not even open the door -...
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    17 ZO6 ZO7 Convert Black Rose with Satin Black Stripes

    Good evening it's been a while. Can someone help answer this for me please. I ordered my 2017 with DUO Satin Black Stripes. I've noticed on the production numbers page they don't list these stripes. Anybody have an idea why? Thank you for your help. Dana
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    New missing parts 2011 ZR1 3LT

    I've been enjoying my first Corvette!! WOW! Anyway, what accessories should it have came with it new? Seems I'm missing the cargo shade, cargo net, maybe covers for the brake discs?? Any help learning and aquiring whats missing wound be great! Thanks everybody
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    Lingenfelter ZR1 Delivered. Now I need front license plate mount

    My Lingenfelter 710 ZR1 arrived! What a beast. Thought my Lingenfelter CTS-V was fast, not even close. Anyway, it's time to get the front license plate mounted. Any suggestions on a good front plate mount?
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    Question: Newbee needs ZR1 Header info

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum and purchased my first ZR1! I'm getting LPE upgrade and haven't even touch the car yet. Thinking of the 750 package with out headers. I get the impression they they prefer installing it with out heaaders? Am I going to lose out on extra hp with the install of...
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