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    Question: 1960 door post

    hello, can someone tell me if my door post should be a bit wavy or did my plater mess them up I noticed some of the chrome has a few ways such as the bumpers but don't know about post thanks, Mike:confused
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    trunk,deck lid weatherstripe 1960 vette

    :confusedCan someone explain the proper way to install w/s on deck lid & trunk I can't find any pics showing what side w/s goes on
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    1960 hood

    I have a brand new reproduction hood for a 1960 vette it has not been on car I found out after I bought it I could have my damaged hood repaired. $475.00 buyer to pay shipping cost from northern,va p.s. I think I paid $650.00 a few yrs back ,mike
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    1960 door weatherstrip

    ;shrugI am installing wetherstrip on door it has a clip on top of door post is that held in place by top rivet door post felt
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    shims body to frame 1960

    I have painted and put back together my 60 vette and now realize I need to re-shim my car for doors to fit properly:confused does anyone have any tips to make it any easier. I am thinking I need to have it on the ground with proper size tires or can it be done on jack stands any ideas will be...
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    1960 door post

    ;helphello, I am pre -fitting door post and windshield before painting my 1960, windshield fits body perfect, but there is a 1/4 inch gap between the 2 post when I bolt up door post, are there any tricks to moving door post forward thanks michael
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    1960 doorglass

    ;helphello,I am restoring a 1960 vette that someone else took apart and I have not been around any vettes to look at to see if I am doing thing's right. (That said) I put the door glass and regulator in and when I rolled it up and down it (glass) tilts to the back and the front of glass dosen't...
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    1960 trunk latch,complete less lock assy

    hello, does anyone have a trunk lock assy for 1960 at a fair price, michael
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    Help! 1960 vette windshield lower channel

    hello, I am new member working on 1960 corvette horizon blue 230 h.p. 4 speed I took apart 25 yrs ago. I am installing new w/s with repro lower channel I have been on ncrs site getting some help, I quess alot of you are members ncrs. however my question is how does lower stainless moulding...
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