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    Need Help Re-Connecting Wiper Motor Pawl SPRING!

    Hello, When I removed my wiper motor cover to check out the Parking Switch - the little spring that connects to (what I guess is) the parking pawl was not connected to anything else - it was just sitting in the slot in the white nylon cover to the parking switch. I circled the one place I...
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    Key Fob 'Holder' that's a good fit for the C4?

    I have a 96 and my keyless entry remote has seen better days. The plastic 'loop' at the top of the case has broken and I can't keep it attached to a key ring anymore and must carry it separately. I found a lot of aftermarket remote key fob 'holders' made of leather, silicon, etc. Most are made...
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    Question: New Camaro Lugs on C4 Wheels?

    The lugs on the new Camaro wheels looks a lot like the plastic screw on covers used on later C4 sawblades. I'd like some lugs that look something like the factory plastic covers but maybe a bit longer (easier to finger on off) and these might fit the bill. I'm wondering how well these lugs...
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    90-96 Center Console TRAY Available?

    90 96s have three blank panels between the shifter and the glove box. The left/right ones are for pwr seats. The center panel is for various optional switches. If one doesn't have the options (besides pwr seats) anybody ever seen a tray insert, cup holder etc... that could be substituted for...
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    Torx Sizes for C4?

    What are the Torx sizes commonly used on C4s? I'm talking about the various start shaped fasteners found in the interior, engine etc... I'm guessing they range between about T10 and T40. But I don't think GM uses 'ALL' of those... So I'm looking for an accurate and complete list of the Torx...
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    Comprehensive List of Technical Issues w/ C4s?

    I was wondering if anybody has compiled a comprehensive list of typical, predictable technical issues w/ C4s? I'm not looking for 'expected' issues like brake pads which obviously wear. Nor common wear items that given enough miles always wear out like alternators. (unless there is a premature...
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    Question: Retainer Clip for Opti-Spark Vac Hose???

    For a 1996 LT1: I noticed the rubber hose that comes off the top of the air intake that goes down to the Opti kinda sits 'loose' on mine. And it virtually touches a pulley at the front of the engine. Should there be some sort of clip that holds it securely back towards the front of the engine...
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    1997 F-Body Opti-Spark Any 'Improvements'?

    Just curious if the 1997 F-Body version of the LT1 equipped w/ Opti-Spark is any different or offers any improvements over the 95-96 Opti-Spark we are familiar with...? Or is it identical? thanks
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    1996 OE VHS Tape Avail for Loan (to convert)?

    I started a previous thread but in the past nobody knew of a digital version avail online etc (suprisingly). So now I have a converter and can copy a VHS tape to digital format. So if anybody has a 1996 VHS tape they would be willing to loan me - I'll convert it and return the original VHS...
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    Squeek/Groan from Front End (Sway Bar) 96 FE1

    When driving slowly in a parkinng lot and going over bumps etc even w/ the windows up, AC on and radio at a modest or reasonable volume - I hear a very clear 'groaning' sound for the lack of a better description from the front end. Best I can tell using a stethoscope and someone pushing down...
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    Question: Traverse/Colorado Lug Nuts on Sawblades?

    Walking a car lot last night I noticed some good looking lug bolts on these 2 models. They aren't the usual plastic screw on cap arrangement. (they didn't appear to have screw on caps at least) They are a deep/tall closed lug bolt with a nice satin chrome finish. Q: Will these fit a C4 OK? Q...
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    New Owner's VIDEO Available?

    In 96 and perhaps other years I believe C4s came with a VHS video tape in the owner's portfolio that as I recall had some basic demos of maintenance and operation etc. Since VHS players are fast going the way of the dinosaur... Q: Has anybody converted this to digital format for download or...
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    Differences in These '96 OE Brake Parts?

    Several questions on various OE pads/rotors currently available... Q: I presume 'PBR' pads are OEM correct? Front stock pads for 96 are: GM #12518935 (ACDelco 171-735) - rather pricey. However ACDelco #17D412M cross references and is a fair bit cheaper. Q: Beyond cost is there any...
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    Question: OEM Optional Brakes on LATE C4s...?

    I'm looking at OEM brake pads for a late C4 (non-GS; non-CE; non-LT4; only Automatic w/ J55 HD brakes) From what I can tell between my GM parts manual and ACDelco.com my fronts should be: GM: 12518935 or ACDelco: 171-735 Rears are a little more confusing: 1) My GM parts manual shows...
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    Question: Washer Hose Clip on LH Wiper Arm?

    On a late C4 (95-96) I noticed that the rubber washer tube is pinching under the left (drivers) arm when it is off/parked and resting against the plastic 'rest' at the base of the antenna. This is about 6 inches up from the base of the arm - the arm is just flat metal with a tiny hole. The hole...
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