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    Side Spear Resto

    Does anyone know where I can get my original side spears restored at. A couple of the prongs have broken off and was wondering if this is an item that can be restored or just buy the repo's. Thanks
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    61 Soft top

    Purchased a new AL Knoch top to replace my old one. Anybody have any suggestions on who does these tops in Connecticut. Thanks
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    Wiper motor install

    Removed my wiper motor for re-furbishment. Got it back and having problems with how to properly connect the cables under the dash. I looked in the 61 assembly manual but no description. Any suggestions or photo's would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Washer lid top

    Can you guys tell me what the correct lid top is for a 61? I have seen a couple of different versions. "Co-ordinated on the top with "Washer" along side . Or "Co-ordinated" on the top with "Washer" directly underneath from it. Thanks
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    1961 Duel Four Restoration

    I'am in the process of restoring my 61 and would like to know if anyone knows where i can get my carbs(WCFB-3182S/2614S) restored up here in New England(Connecticut). Would rather drop them off then shipping out.
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    692 Heads

    WTB- 692 Heads that would would be correct for a 283 block dated 28 SEPT 60. Thanks
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    692 Heads

    I am in the process of having my 283 engine rebuilt with the date of 29 Sept 1960. I have a pair of heads F-28-0 & G-18-0 that i want to use, Would these be acceptable dates that i could use and if not what would be the correct time frame for the heads that i need. Thanks
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    61 Repair

    Two Questions for anyone here; (1) Who does horn repair on the 441,442's (2) How does one tell a correct oil pan(5QT) for a 283. Unable to find any pictures. I know they sell repo's but what about identifying an original. Thanks for any help.
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    Oil Pan

    WTB-Oil pan for my 61/283.
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    Owners Pin

    Can anyone tell me the the difference between the original owners pin(tack) that was sent to the buyers of new vehicle's and any reproductions that are out there? What information is on the back side and were all from the same vendor? Thanks
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    Buying NOM "283"

    Need help on this one! I have a 61 vette "102014"(Build date of 25 Oct 1960). I currently have a 350 in the car now and looking to replace with a correct "283"-Will never be a matching block. This gentleman has a 519 block with casting date of J 14 0. Will this be a correct block to put in? And...
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    Wtb-283 Engine

    Hi Looking for a 283 block for my 61. #3756519 suffix code CT. Thanks
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    Wcfb Identification

    How does one identify what carbs i have on my 61 2x4-Is it marked somewhere? Once I know what i have where would I place the ID tag. Thanks
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    283 Engine Block

    Hi, Looking for a 283 Block #375619 suffix code CT. My vin# 10867s102014. Currently has a crate 350.Any help would be great. Thanks
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