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    1994 Clean Corvette $ 8,900 or Best Offer

    Hi - I have a beautiful 1994 Corvette for sale. The car is a California car with both tops. Second generation LT1 with new MSD Distributor, new water pump, and new battery. The car has the Hypertech re-programming and Hypertech thermostat. Magnaflow mufflers. The paint is almost perfect...
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    Good Jacking Points

    Hi - I've got an 81 and I'm always nervous about where to put my floor jack. Where do you place the jack?
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    81 Seats locking up

    Has anyone else had problems with the seats locking and not allowing them to be folded forward? It is frustrating. :rotfl Thanks.
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    Help! Backfire thru Carb

    Hi - I have a totally stock 81 with a 350 and an auto trans. One day, it started backfiring through the carb. Usually I would be inclined to think something like that would be timing related, but the timing on the 81 is all electronic through the computer. I've verified that all the spark...
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    81 Performance Chip

    Has anyone used one of the Hypertech Performance Chips in an 81? I'm curious to see if anyone felt it was worth the money. Also, where is the ECM? Thanks, Rick
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