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    Short Throw shifter

    I'm looking to replace my Hurst throw because I can't stand the rattle. I'm looking for suggestions which one out there is top of the list. She is a day to day driver. C5 ZO6 LS6:upthumbs
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    Question: Projector Headlights

    :wHas anybody installed Halo Projector Headlights on a C5 and if so, ( Pros and cons ) Will I have to replace the headlight covers along with the lights ? Thanks SMOKIN Z
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    Help! C5 headlamp

    I need to replace my left headlamp which has a crack in it has any one seen a video on this or just some good info :eyeroleI understand they don't give these away:eyerole
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    Question: HID low beam head lamps

    ;shrugI have been trying to install new HID low beam head lamps on my 2004 ZO6 and I can't get the old HID light out. I went on google and thy suggest I take it to the dealer. You folks out in Corvette land know just how hard the dealership would stick me (Help)
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    Window sticker

    I'm looking for a place I can get the manufacture window sticker for my 2004 Commemorative Edition ZO6-----anybody out there have a clue;shrug
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    Question: Traction control

    My service traction control displayed on my dash and my question is------- should I run it in to have the dealer check it out or is there something else I can do before the dealer sticks it in me?????????:rotflCome on CAC brothers and sisters I need some kind of answer on this before I go into...
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    Question: Car Show

    :happyanim:Aug 23rd is the Crossroads Corvette show in Mackinaw city in Michigan. How many of my brothers and sisters are coming. This show is for Corvettes only:upthumbs
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    Important! ZO6 count

    Can anybody out there in Corvette land help. I have been looking for a count of 2004 Zo6 left on the road in the USA:upthumbs
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    Question: C5 side shields

    Has anybody installed side shields on their C5 ? What is the best way to do this. I understand you have to take off your front tires?????????Smokin Z:confused:confused
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    Happy Summer everyone

    :happyanim:My Smokin Z is up and ready to roll for the summer. The winters are just to long here in Michigan. Changed her oil and put another coat of wax on her and also checked for any leaks on the floor and of course , mouse damage. She got a A+ for this summer so all out there have fun but...
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    Question: Radio

    My 04 Zo6 when I bought her had a different stereo and I have no clock. Anyone out there in Corvette land have any clue of what I can use for a clock that doesn't look cheap thanks Smokin Z :w:w
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    My wife and me are taking a trip out West this mid June In my SMOKIN Z. We are going to follow the old Route 66 whats left of it. My guestion is Are there things we should be looking for as far as dangers Cops bad guys anything just let us know. If anyone knows of any trouble that might...
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    CAC map

    Steve, I can locate where I live but I'm not sure what your calling a mark and how can I put one on?:upthumbs SMOKIN Z
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    Clay Bar

    How often can I clay Bar my Smokin Z ? I have it clear coated once a year just because It looks great. :upthumbs???
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    Help! Personal license plate

    I have been looking for the link to post my personal license vanity plate:rotfl,:rotfl,:rotfl,:rotfl
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