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    Finished my new floor

    Finished installing my new Swiss Trax flooring, so easy it took longer to clean it out than installing it. My Grandson keeps his next to Papa's car. rocky
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    Got my red headed 61 back

    I love reading all the projects here, and thought I would update work on my "Red head" girlfriend as my Wife refers to my 61. I found an old school mechanic, Mark in Kissimme Fl who invested a lot of time, busted knuckles and a few new curse words while working on the car for me. Mark stripped...
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    Added some Birthday toys to the 61

    Well went home from Mexico to spend the Birthday at home. The kids got me some nice toys, a new radio with the Wonder bar, looks like the original but has FM and hook up for the Ipod for additonal tunes. Gotta admit it looks good, easy to install, but don't listen too much over the loud exhaust...
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    1961 convertible top frame repair and or rebuild

    I seldom use the convertible top just usually to store up under the car cover, but when I was home last it started to rain on the way home. Every thing went on fine, latched, so started driving and the drivers side latch started popping undone. So holding on with one hand and driving with the...
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    1961 gauge/dash cluster question

    The needle fell off the tach of my 61 (it was a generator, and wasn't working since the 350 engine and distrib was changed) and with the age the gauges are looking tired, working but tired. One option is send them off to a couple of vendors suggested in other threads and have the originals...
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    1961 Basic questions

    My favorite girl is a 1961, driver with a 350 engine, with aftermarket rims and BFG tires that really make it fund to drive. But working and Mexico and only getting home a couple times of the year there are some things that need to be done. Thank goodness my son drives her enough as not to have...
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