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    Any suggestions?

    I have a 2016 Stingray and I need some help with the doors. My right door works perfectly.When I approach my car the right door opens with no problem. The left. I read the manual and I tried everything it door stays locked. I have to use the transmitter to open the left door.I red the manual and...
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    New Tires

    Thought I would share some of the observations I feel with my new tires. #1.(4) new Michelin ZP tires 19" front, 20" rear # 2 Reduction in road noise # 3.Better Handling # 4. Braking seems to be better # 5. The original Tires were so loud on the freeway ,it was horrible...
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    Help! compass works sometimes

    I have a 2016 and the compass works sometimes and then doesn't work for a few days and then it works again.Anybody have a suggestion for a fix? Thanks,Rod I found a solution for this problem and its so obvious. I live in Los Angeles in the city and construction of high rise buildings is...
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    Telephone wont work

    Help! I have a 2016 Sting Ray.I paired my Android Samsung phone to the car.No problem with the pairing.I can call out using my phone through the Blue tooth but I can't receive incoming calls.I can hear it ringing but it won't connect. I installed an Infotainment GPS Module and it works...
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    Remote start went Kaput

    I have a 2016 Sting Ray and the car won't start with the remote transmitter. It worked before,but it stopped operating. Any ideas.Thanks to all who respond. Rod I got lucky.I don't know what I did,but the remote start began to work.
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    Oil pressure

    The last time I had my oil changed,the oil pressure in my 09 Vette went up to 60 lbs. The dealer stated that was normal.I just had my oil changed again and my oil pressure is how 40 pounds. Is there something wrong with my car or did the dealership install the wrong oil filter the previous time...
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    Hey guys,anybody heard anything on the 2010's.IE body changes or engine improvements?
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    Is this common?

    I was at the car wash and a gentleman with a 07 Vette and I struck up a conversation.His remote opened my door,but my remote wouldn't open his door.Is this a common occurance.?
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    Air Intake Box

    Does anyone have a photo showing the difference between the C6 air box and the Z06 air box.I wpuld appreciate it as I was thinking of converting to the Z06 air box,maybe or may be the Black Wing. Rod
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    I have a 06 Coupe and I was wondering if the block in the coupe and the Z06 are the same? If not,what are the differences? Thanks,Rod
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    Please Refresh my memory

    i have forgotten the procedure for checking the codes on my 2006. Can someone explain the procedure.Thanks,rod
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    ZO6 Air Cleaner

    I was thinking of removing the stock air cleaner on my 2006 and replacing it with a ZO6 air cleaner so the car won't look moded until the warranty lapses.Any one do this mod and if so is the difference in power worth the time and effort? Thanks ,Rod Wow,no comment from anyone.I guess...
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    Heater bulbs Kaput

    I have a dual heater/Ac in my 99 and the lower 5 push button bulbs are out.Can I replace them by removing the unit and if so can anyone give me some guidance as how to remove the unit.Thanks,Rod
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    Really disgusted!!

    Well,after putting $10000 in my 99 Vette,and fighting to get it smoged,i just gave up on the car.The car was detuned to pass smog and then after it passed smog,the mechanic said I have to drive it until the check engine lights reset.Well I got disgusted with this piece of ****,so I drove it...
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    My car won't start

    Hi,I am new to this forum and I need help.I drove to the store and my car ran fine.Just got it back Friday.Had a new engine put in it.I would turn the key and nothing.Starter won't turn over .Radio and all accessories don't work.I can't figure it out.The battery wouldn't start the car with a...
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