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    Help with charging system

    Bought my Vette 2 years ago. It is an 84 with 47k When I got it, the alternator (Regulator) was bad. It was charging up to 16-19 volts. So I replaced it. Recently when I drive the vette, after driving around town it will not start. Let me explain. All the power accessories work...
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    Need some help identifying a part

    Or where to find one. I am looking for a Throttle Body gasket. More specifically the gasket between the Throttle Body and the intake manifold. I have an 84 with the cross-fire. I have tried my local Chevy dealer and they keep sending me the wrong one. Supposedly I need to identify a...
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    Subwoofer box where to find?

    After some advise of this forum I kicked the Bose to the curb. I have replaced all factory locations with Infinity speakers. Now I want a little more bass. I cannot find a sub box customized for the c4. Plenty of C5 boxes available. Other than having a local shop build one, $500 plus I am...
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    A Story For Everyone. With a little Pain

    Couple of weeks ago I am out of town to where my folks live. I have an 84 (45k)my dad has an 85 (74k). My dad has had this vette for almost a year. (year xmas). He has driven it out of town, around and such. Put the usual stuff in it. Tires Shocks Master Cylander AC He is not the...
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    What am I missing Fog Lights?

    I have an 84 with fog lights. They both dont work. 1. I checked the fuse 2. I checked the switch 3. I checked the bulbs and connectors. I have voltage into the switch and out. No voltage at the bulbs. What other possible connections am I missing There is a connector on the front...
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    Window Problems HELP!

    OK had the Vette painted couple of weeks ago. While they were doing it I had them replace the seals on the entire car. THEY WERE DUE. PS 84 So when I got it home the windows would not roll up. SO i assumed that the issue was the motors. I replaced them. I then broke the window ribbon that...
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    Can anyone help me find a part

    I have an 85 with the 4+3 and the OD button on the top of the shifter is broke. I have looked at all the traditional places. ZIP, MADVET, ECKLERS, ebay. I can find the knob without the button. I can find automatic shifters and buttons. Cant find the whole knob with button, button alone or...
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    Engine temperature is this ok?

    Yesterday I was out driving my 84 and when I put it in the garage I could hear it boiling. I looked under the hood and found that it was boiling coolant into the overflow. But not so much to dump coolant onto the floor. I checked the gauge and found it running about 230F. I turned the key...
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    Choose your Vendors Carefully

    I have spent the last couple of months working on repairing my 84 Factory Bose radio. I have sent the Radio/Tape player in twice, replaced one amp twice and now have another (Purchased from below mentioned vendor) bad again. If I wasnt trying to keep this Corvette perfectly factory I would...
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    85 with brake indicator problem

    on my 85 the brake idiot light is constantly on. I checked the fluid and the parking break. Everthing is in order. Then I found that if I pump the brake a couple of times (When running but sitting still) the light goes out. Any suggestions?
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    I had a seat idea to fix wear and it worked!

    on my 84 the factory seats (Only 45k Miles) were getting worn on the edge where U get in (Like every C4 that I have seen) Drivers side was worn but not to the point of through the material. Then I was reading in this forum how to get the cushions and all released from frame. This is when I...
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    Strange Clicking Noise

    I have a 1984 Crossfire that has a clicking noise that changes speed with engine speed. It can only be heard below 10 MPH (May not be able to hear due to interrior noise after that) I cannot hear the noise outside at all, with or without hood open. Temperature (Air or engine) makes no...
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    AC/Heater blower

    On my 1984 C4 the Blower motor only works on high. I replaced the controlls with a new unit and still have the same problem. All other functions work. I have read how to replace the motor. However it doesnt sound right that the motor is the issue. I notice that there is some electronics on...
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    Shocks on a Z51 84

    I am a limited back yard mechanic. I have noticed that the (Bushings) I think that is what they are called on the shocks. IE the rubber/nylon that goes around bolt at end of shocks is deteriated and is coming out of the ends. So I think that the shocks are origional. First question: I...
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