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    Vats key code help

    This may sound dumb, I tested the resistor on my key pellet to figure out whether or code my 91 corvette key code is a 9 or 10. My ohm reading keeps coming up with 3.68 constantly. Vats code 9 is 3.010 and vats code 10 is 3.74. I’m buying a bypass switch from Eckler a corvette and I’m not sure...
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    91 corvette cranks but won’t start! Please help

    So I picked up this 91 corvette about a month ago. Ill list everything Ive done so far because I can’t fogure it out. parts replaced- 1) battery 2) altenator 3) fuel tank sending unit 4) fuel pump 5) fuel filter 6) both oil pressure switches 7) fuel pressure regulator 8) ignition coil 9)...
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