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    Grand Sport Wheel Alignment - Camber

    My zr1 came new whit -.95 on 4 corners and whit these big tires, it was pretty aggressive. I first set it to -.70 on 4 wheels keeping the oe caster and toe whit no difference on the handling but still was reacting a lot to any road imperfection. I reset it to -.25 on 4 wheels and still kept oe...
  2. the boss

    Grand Sport GY Tires on GS is BS

    As a mechanic, I saw some of those ''fix a flat'' in a can causing problem to tpms sensors. First time it append, I could fix it but the second time, I had to replace the sensor.
  3. the boss

    Grand Sport GY Tires on GS is BS

    Same here. I have michelin ps2 on my 2012 zr1 and the last week of November, before putting the car in storage for winter, I took it for a ride on a nice weekend and scare the sh...out of me, by myself. The difference in traction in unbeleivable. Tire slippage VERY easy, To easy. It was close to...
  4. the boss

    Grand Sport GY Tires on GS is BS

    agressive wheel alignement spec. I everyone, I am a new member and this is my first post/reply. I am a mechanic and just bought my first vette, a 2012 zr1 centennial canadian edition (very low production), I was so excited when the delivery truck arrive, I could not stop my legs from shaking...
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