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Tom Hetherman
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  • Hey Tom,
    For more than 6 years I owned worked on and where necessary restored the ZR1 you currently own. Hopefully it's been as reliable and trouble free for you as it had been for me. My guess is you've at least had to put a set of injectors in it. If you get a minute and have any pictures, it would be great to see a picture or two. Feel free to email be anytime at scott.frager@verizon.net. If you ever have the time, drop in to http://www.zr1netregistry.com/forum/index.php

    Morning Tom,
    I see you have been sending me some info in the friendship area. What number cars are you reffering to? I'll see if I have them. Can't remember if I sent the spreadsheet to you or not. Email me at hdtc88s@hotmail.com and I can do that.
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